Monitor PLC Scan Time in Delta PLC

Sometimes it necessary and need of time to monitor PLC scan time in PLC program, so for such situations there are some special register (D) in Delta PLC which help in performing such tasks. D1000 is such a special register which is used for monitoring PLC scan time. When the scan time exceeds the set time in the monitor timer, the red ERROR LED indicator remains shining and all outputs will be “Off”. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Monitor PLC Scan Time in Delta PLC

The initial set value of the time in the monitor timer is 200ms. If the Delta program is long or the operation is too complicated, MOV instruction can be used for changing the set value as shown in above image. The maximum set value in the monitor timer is 32,767ms. Users can add WDT instruction (API 07) into PLC program.

When CPU execution progresses to WDT instruction, the internal monitor timer is cleared as 0 and the scan time will not exceed the set value in the monitor timer. There is one more special register D1039 which is for Fixed Scan Time and will be discusses later.

Industrial Process Controllers Presentation

This is a good presentation on Industrial Process Controllers which will focus on temperature controllers and there working, different types of controllers like On-Off, Proportional & PID. The presentation will explain all these terms in detail and will tell about there working too. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

PID controller provides proportional action with two additional adjustments, integral and derivative, which helps the unit automatically compensate for changes in the system.

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A temperature controller gets input from temperature sensor such as a thermo-couple or RTD. It compares the actual temperature to the desired control temperature, or set point, and provides an output in the form of transistor output or relay.


Free PLC Softwares for Ladder Logic Programming

There are lots and lots of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) available in the market and many PLC companies are emerging day by day with their own make and model PLC's and HMI. The best part is that they also provide free copies of their PLC software for your use. You can download the free PLC software from their website and can start learning their instructions, though the logic of all the ladder programming is same and you won't be having any issue in using this software's. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Free PLC Softwares for Ladder Logic Programming

Even if you are not a experienced PLC programmer and still searching for job in automation industry, then you should try these free ladder logic programming software to increase your knowledge and programming skills. Why you should stick to only 1-2 brands of PLC's when you can try many different PLC's logic.

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Big automation companies like Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron etc. do not provide their PLC and HMI software for free, you have to buy license of their software's. So it is better to have goods hands-on some of the freely available software's.

Free PLC Software for Ladder Logic Programming

1. Delta PLC Software: Delta PLC's are very popular due to their cheap cost and easy handling. Delta automation provides its PLC software WplSoft for free. Any one can download their software without any login.

2. TRiLOGI: This is one of the best ladder logic learning software for students and any student or university can use this software free of charge by just writing an email to software company.

3. Cscape Free PLC Software: This PLC software is from Horner Automation group which deals in all-in-one controllers, remote I/O, expansion etc. Cscape is a free PLC software with drag and drop feature. It is very easy to use and you can download this software by just creating an account with them.

Cscape Free PLC Software

This software combines graphical ladder diagram programming based on IEC-1131 with operator interface development to completely integrate the control package which is definitely a great feature.

4. Eware32: This software is from Entertron Industries Inc. and work with Entertron's ePLCs only as other software's. This software also has free simulator option so it can even work without any PLC hardware.

Eware32 Free PLC Software

5. KV-Ladder Builder : This is a PLC programming software from Keyence and is freely available at their website. You can download the software by creating account with them. This software also have a simulator mode, so you don't require actual PLC to test your ladder programs.

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6. Do-more Designer Programming Software: This software is freely available and is from Automation Direct. This software work well in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 also both 32 or 64-bit versions. When connected to internet it automatically checks for software and firmware updates.

There are lot more other free PLC software's available and you can download them from their official websites. If they are not full version at least you can get trail version for testing. I hope you enjoyed this article and it will benefit you in your programming and trying different flavors of PLC's. Please leave your feedback's and comments and also subscribe to our email subscription for free to get latest update on email.

Allen Bradley SST Card Connection to DH+ Network

Here is a cable diagram or connection diagram of SST card connection to the DH+ Network. 6 Pin Connector connects to the card and 3 pin connector connects to the device. Line 2 of 6 pin connector is the line closest to the LED on the SST PCI card. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Allen Bradley SST Card Connection to DH+ Network

As shown above, both Line2 and Line1 of six pin connector are shorted and connects to Line1 and Line2 of three pin connector. Shield is connected to shield in both the connectors. If you like this, do not forget to share it with your friends. Do subscribe to receive more such connection diagram directly on your email.

Keyence CZ-V20 Series RGB Digital Fibreoptic Sensors

Hey fellows, you would be happy to know that Keyence has come up with smartest RGB sensor in automation industry. This series of smart sensors is called CZ-V20 Series. If you are having color sensing problem with your current sensor, then you should check features of this sensor as well, may be it's time to change your color sensor. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Keyence CZ-V20 Series RGB Digital Fibreoptic Sensors

First we would like you to answer below questions.

1- Does you color sensor fail to sense Black/white object?
2- Fed up with malfunctioning of color sensor on wavy surfaces like conveyors?
3- Problem in detection of color on glossy surface?
4- Sensor breakage due to lower mounting height?
5- Finding it difficult to teach your color sensor?
6- Is your sensor limited to sense only 2 to 4 colors?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then you should check this revolutionary product from Keyence. They have come up with a revolutionary hybrid technology with their all new CZ Series RGB Colour sensors.

Features of CZ Series RGB Colour sensors


1. Luster Detection and Transparent Target Detection- NEW
This is new feature and has new amplifier for the CZ-H72 luster detection sensor head. Stable luster detection unaffected by target color.

2. FILM mode for detecting presence/absence of films.

3. Response frequency 200µs.

4. One unit can detect 4 different glossy levels.

5. Extremely high power.

6. Extra ordinary sensing range of 90mm.

CZ series has 3 models viz. CZ-H32, CZ-H35S and CZ-H37S with different detecting area, Smallest spot diameter etc. These color sensors are very light and just weight approx 40g to 45g.

These sensors can easily differentiates colors flawlessly, even if surface is glossy or uneven. Just one press of a button, you can teach 8 different colors to this sensor. With ‘Super i’ mode, this sensor can also sense black and white colors.

Applications of CZ Series RGB Colour sensors

These sensors can be widely used in different application such as detecting marks on bags printed with multiple colours, differentiation between the front and back sides of chips after being sealed in embossed tape, detecting the presence/absence of grease, detecting the seam on a spray can, detecting a mark on a tube, checking parts assembly, detecting improperly positioned labels, detecting caps of different colours etc.

If you are interested, do check its product catalog, which can be downloaded from

Do let us know what are your thoughts about these color sensor and will you be interested to use them or take demo. Do subscribe to our newsletter for more such industry news and products update.

Best MODBUS Polling Software

MODBUS Protocol is widely used Protocol in Industrial Automation in various Application and is a 2 wire system which support 32 slaves and MODBUS RTU's. We have already posted many article on MODBUS Programming and MODBUS connection in various PLC and HMI's.

In this article we will discuss about the MODBUS Poling Software which act as a Modbus Master and is also called as Modbus Master Simulator. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

The best MODBUS Software which we find good and easy to use is Modbus Poll which help in testing and simulation of MODBUS protocol. This Software is a shareware software from ModbusTools and support several Modbus slaves at the same time as you just have to specify the Modbus slave ID, function, address, size and poll rate in each window. This software is very easy to use and in a click you can change the register value of your slave.

Best MODBUS Polling Software

It supports many MODBUS features like Read coil status, Read input status ,Read holding register,Read input registers, Force single coil, Preset single register, Force multiple coils, Preset multiple registers, Mask write register & Read/Write registers .

You must try this very useful MODBUS Software as you can test it Demo version for 30 day's.

The new version of MODBUS Poll is out and is available for Windows 2000/XP, Vista and window 7 Or if you have pre-installed its version 4 then the same key will also work for this new MODBUS Poll ver. 5. It is available in 32 & 64 Bit Version.

Panasonic FPΣ Series PLC & NV HMI Communication

As discussed in the previous article the Panasonic FP-X series and NV HMI RS232/RS485 Communication , here will see the communication of one more PLC by Panasonic i.e FPΣ Series PLC with NV HMI. NV HMI can be connected either at Tool port or the COM port at the PLC , and communication can be done through RS232 or RS485.

NV HMI Communication with Panasonic FPΣ Series PLC & NV HMI Communication

We will see the complete step by step procedure for the communication scheme between Omron NV HMI and Panasonic FPΣ-series PLC.Fisrt of all lets us see how we will connect the NV HMI with FPΣ-series Tool Port.

||Panasonic FPΣ-series PLC Tool Port Connection with NV HMI[RS232]||

For making connections via Tool port we need a Mini DIN 5-pin connector. Just make the connections as shown below.

PLC Tool Port--------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN 1 (SG)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8 (SG)
PIN 2 (SD)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (RD)
PIN 3 (RD)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (SD)

Connecting to an FPΣ-series COM Port[Rs232]:-

PLC COM 1 -----------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN SD--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5(RD)
PIN RD--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4(SD)
PIN SD--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8(SG)

Note:- Also short the RS and CS at the PLC side. Connect the RS and CS terminals on the COM1.

Connection Diagram for FPΣ COM Port 3 (RS-485, 1 Channel):-

PLC COM 3-----------------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN + ------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (+SD)
PIN - ------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (-SD)

NOTE- Short the Terminal 4 with 6 and Terminal 7 with 8. Turn ON pins 1 to 4 on the switch on the back of the COM3.

Also make the following Communications Format Setting for the RS485 Communication.

COM port 1------------>>> unit number 1
COM port 1------------>>> communications mode Computer link
COM port 1------------>>>transmission format 8 bits, odd parity, 1 stop bit, terminal
CR (fixed), no STX
COM port 1 baud rate setting ------------>>>38,400, 57,600, or 115,200 bps

Now after making the Hardware connections as desired per the application , we now just have to define some communication parameters at both the HMI and PLC side.

Open the NV designer ( NV designer is the HMI software) and create a new project and he PLC type select as "Panasonic FP Series." After this got to PT-------NV Configuration and make Baud Rate as 19200 Kbps , Data Bit as 8 , Stop Bit 1 and Parity as Odd.

Now we are done with all the necessary settings to be done for the communication between NV HMI and Panasonic FPΣ Series PLC. If you face any problems then you can write us in comment section. Also you can subscribe to get all latest updates in yours Inbox.Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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