PLC Programming for Dancing Light - PLC Programming

Many users mailed us for making the PLC program for the dancing light, so here we will see the PLC Logic for making a fancy light decoration system. This PLC program can be used for lighting systems in house or for any festive celebration time. We will see here in detail the logic of PLC programming and the steps involved in making the PLC Program.

PLC Programming for Dancing Light - PLC Programming

Here in this PLC Program we are considering six numbers of LED, 1 start push button, 1 stop push button and 1 selector switch. We will write the PLC program for 2 different mode i.e the LED's will glow in two different pattern.

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Mode 1 Pattern of LED Glowing:- While writing this PLC logic we have made the PLC program in such a way that when we will push the Start button then LED 1 will glow, after 1 second LED 2 will glow and again after 1 second LED 3 will glow and so ON and after 6th LED the cycle will start again. The number of LED's can be more as per the need and application.

See the Below table for better understanding.

Time -----------LED1 ------------LED2---------LED3---------LED4--------LED5------------LED6
T=0sec ---------OFF--------------OFF----------OFF----------OFF----------OFF-------------OFF
T=1sec ---------ON --------------OFF----------OFF----------OFF---------OFF-------------OFF
T=2sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------OFF-----------OFF---------OFF-------------OFF
T=3sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------OFF---------OFF-------------OFF
T=4sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------ON----------OFF-------------OFF
T=5sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------ON----------ON--------------OFF
T=5sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------ON----------ON--------------ON

and then again the cycle resets after every 6 seconds.

Mode 2 Pattern of LED Glowing :-

In the second mode , which will be on when we will select it by selector switch the LED 1 and LED6 will glow first for 1 second then LED 2 and LED 5 will glow and then LED 3 and LED 4 .

See below table for a clear understanding.

Time -----------LED1 ------------LED2---------LED3---------LED4--------LED5------------LED6
T=0sec ---------OFF--------------OFF----------OFF----------OFF----------OFF-------------OFF
T=1sec ---------ON --------------OFF----------OFF----------OFF----------OFF--------------ON
T=2sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------OFF----------OFF----------ON---------------ON
T=3sec ---------ON --------------ON-----------ON------------ON----------ON---------------ON

And then after 3 seconds the cycle resets.

PLC Logic Development for Dancing Light


0.0 --- Start Push Button -- (NO)
0.1 --- Stop Push Button --- (NC)
0.2 --- Selector Switch --- (1 pole)


100.0 ------------- LED 1
100.1 ------------- LED 2
100.2 ------------- LED 3
100.3 ------------- LED 4
100.4 ------------- LED 5
100.5 ------------- LED 6

We have considered only 6 LED here only, however the PLC Programming can be extended for any numbers of LED you want and also the glowing pattern can be changed as you like. If you have some any other pattern in mind and want to make PLC Logic according to that then tell us , we will make for you.

You can download the PLC Program below. We have attached both .pdf and cx-programmer file.

Download PLC Program for Dancing Light.

If you have any queries in ,PLC Programming then write in comment section or want any PLC program related to Dancing Light then tell us we will make it for you.

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Baldor Flex Family Servo Drive Communication Cable

Baldor earlier has launched Flex family of Servo Drive, Which has female RS232 port on it for Communication with PC or Laptop for Auto-Tuning Purpose. We will see the Communication Cable Diagram for this cable here in this Post.

||Baldor Flex Family Servo Drive Communication Cable||

If you observe carefully then its a simple cross communication cable. See the below communication cable diagram and make the cable accordingly.

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How to Connect Omron Rotary Encoder to PLC

How to Connect Omron Rotary Encoder to PLC
Encoders finds their application in various applications in industry. From Instrumentation point of view we can see Encoder as a device which provide us the pulses for rotatory movement.In Most of the applications it is used to provide the feedback and thus a better controlling.

Omron Rotary encoder E6B2 comes with open collector output and as well as line driver output. It has external shaft dia up to 40mm and it has a resolution of up to 2000PPR.

Some may want to know what is PPR in encoders ?? well PPR stands for Pulse Per Revolution i.e the number of pulses it will be giving in one full revolution.Also as per our need we can select either PNP or NPN type output. Generally in all the cases we need to interface the encoder with PLC to receive the PULSES.

The use of encoders in Automation is for detecting/calculating the length or distance traveled with the input from encoder pulses , for measuring the speed or for high-processing of data. For more detail on encoders you can see here.

How to Connect Encoder to PLC?

For connecting the Encoder to our PLC we have to make sure that our PLC accepts high speed counter inputs and we have to connect the encoder accordingly to that terminals only. Omron PLC CP1E/CP1H have 4 high speed counter inputs and we can connect up to 4/6 encoders.
Omron encoder E6B2 series have 5 wires and of different colour. Make connections as depicted below.

Wire Colour -------------------------------------------------------------Type

Brown------------------------------------------------------------------- + 24 V DC
Blue ------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 V Dc
Black ------------------------------------------------------------------ Output Phase A
White ------------------------------------------------------------------ Ouput Phase B
Orange ----------------------------------------------------------------- Phase Z

So connect your Encoder accordingly as shown above. Here we will tell you how to interface it with PLC. We will take example of OMRON PLC CP1E. We have to just connect 3 wires to PLC high speed counter Terminals and configure them in the software for Receiving the Pulses.
Interfacing the Encoder with Omron PLC CP1E:-


We will take example here as connecting the encoder to High speed counter 0.


Encoder Side--------------------------------------------------------PLC Side

Black-------------------------------------------------------------- 0.0
White-------------------------------------------------------------- 0.1
Orange------------------------------------------------------------- 0.4

Similarly we can connect it to any high speed counter input , just we have to check what are the terminals assigned for that HIGH Speed Counter in PLC.

After making the connections we have to write the suitable PLC Program for the reading of Pulses and processing the PV value of Encoder.

PLC Programming and necessary settings in CX-Programmer will be discussed in next post. So just reading here and also you can subscribe to get all related updates in yours Inbox. If you are facing any problem in connecting up your encoder then feel free to write in comment sections. PLC Programming for Encoder will be discussed in next post. If you like our articles do Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email for more such awesome articles.

Download OMNUC U-series Computer Monitor Software

There are many useful software which Omron offers for free and one of such software for servo is OMNUC U-series. It is Computer Monitor Software which is used for many useful functions and can be used for Parameter editing, Jog operation and auto tuning, checking the condition of servo drivers, displaying graphs related to speed or torque on a IBM PC/AT or compatible computers. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

This is useful software for many servo drives and as stated above can be used for various operations. The main servo supported by this software are as below.

I. R88D-UA**H/-UA**L (30 to 750 W, analog input)
II. R88D-UP**H/-UP**L (30 to 750 W, pulse-train input)
III. R88D-UA**HA/-UA**LA (30 to 750 W, analog input, upgraded version)
IV. R88D-UP**HA/-UP**LA (30 to 750 W, pulse-train input, upgraded version)
V. R88D-UT**H (1 to 5 kW, combined analog/pulse train input )
VI. R88D-UT**V/-UT**W (30 to 750 W, combined analog/pulse train input, product meets EN standards)
VII. R88D-UEP**H/-UEP**L (100 to 750 W, pulse-train input, UE models)

This is very versatile software and enables communication with up to 14 Servo Drivers using only one computer and also supports absolute encoder (HA/LA) setup.

How to Get OMNUC U-series Computer Monitor Software for FREE

1. You will first need to go to

2. Register yourself, as you will need it to download the OMNUC U-series software.

3. Now go to Download section and then to Products.

4. In product click on Software and then to Umon.

Download OMNUC U-series Computer Monitor Software

5. There you can see the download link of the OMNUC U-series software, its manual and connecting cables diagram.

6. OMNUC U-series is a small program and is only 201.13kB and it is a very old program and I don't think many of you may be using it.

Complete path can be summarized as /downloads/4.Products/Software/Umon/

Note: Do read the installation notes before installing the software on manual.

Do let us know if you already using this software and also let us know how it is useful to you. Please also provide feedback about this software. Do subscribe to our blog for more such free Automation software's.

Edit PLC & MODBUS Data using Delta Smart VIEWer Android Application

If you are having a Delta PLC and want to monitor the registers of PLC or want to edit them, then now you can do it by installing Delta Smart Viewer application on you Android Smartphones. With this Android app you can also change MODBUS device settings. This is a very handy and useful application from Delta and support all their PLC, whether its is AH series or DVP. This is very good application if you are monitoring temperature.

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Delta Smart Viewer for Android

Image Source: Delta


With Delta Smart VIEWer, automation engineers can monitor and edit PLC and Modbus data via WiFi. Currently this application only support Wi-Fi. The monitored data is shown in run charts and after studying it users can easily and quickly master the current status and recorded trends of the equipment for proper on-site adjustment. And if change is needed he can do it directly from his Android smart phone.

Main Functions of Delta Smart VIEWer:

1. Monitors and edits PLC and Modbus data via Wi-Fi connection.

2. Monitored data is displayed and edited in run charts with clear data trends.

3. Monitored data is saved for adjustment references.

4. Connects Delta PLCs for detailed information via Wi-Fi connection.

5. Allows connection setting and data export/import for easy and fast monitoring


The size of this Android application is 1MB and it can be downloaded from Delta official website or from Google Play store. Currently this Android application works on Android 2.2 to Android 4.2. Link for downloads are given below.

Download from Delta website: Click Here

Download from Google Play: Click Here

How to do target settings in Delta Smart VIEWer


We tried to play with this application on our Android version 4.4.2 Smartphone and it works without error. Once you install this small and helpful application in your Smartphones through above links, you will be shown menu. There just select target setting if this is your first time.

Delta Smart Viewer Target setting

Target setting has three main settings, one for Network, one for Device and last one for Update Interval.

Network: On network setting you will find option for IP, Port, Slave ID. Here just put the entry which you have done at your PLC end. If this setting is incorrect you won't be able to communicate with your PLC.

Device: In device setting you can choose your PLC make and their sub-type. You will see AH series and DVP series option here.

Update Interval: In update interval you can put timing in seconds and minutes. This is update time for your monitored value. Choose as per your need

Delta Smart Viewer Add tag

After you have done above setting, you can now do setting for your register. Choose PLC register which you want to monitor in form of TAG. You can add multiple tags for PLC. Currently this version of Delta Smart viewer supports up to 10 devices (Both PLC and MODBUS device). This application has also facility to export/import profile, which makes it easy to configure other devices with same connection.

Let us know what are your views about this awesome Android application from Delta and if you have used it, do let us know. Hope Delta will bring more advance version of this application and will allow the connectivity also through 3G network.

4 Industrial Automation Certifications You Must Know

Today competition in every field has increased a lot and to be different from other employees, we have to do different things. There are certification in every field and to get good recognition gaining a certification is very important. Not only it increases competency but also gives professional recognition. So today in this post we have listed some industrial automation certification, which will help you in boasting your knowledge and career.

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Industrial Automation Certifications

4 Industrial Automation Certifications You Must Know

1. ControlLogix Certificate Program by Rockwell: Rockwell automation is a well know company in automation and their PLC's are used in every sector. So if you are a PLC programmer having experience in ControlLogix PLC's, then this certification is certainly for you. This is a self preparatory program and you will have to follow the given syllabus.

You will complete a series of three required ControlLogix courses related to your maintenance or programming job responsibilities, plus one course elective.

To earn the ControlLogix certificate, the program requirements must be completed within 12 months. For more details please check here.

2. RSTrainer for RSLogix 5000 Software: This is another certification program by Rockwell which is a computer based training. To clear this certification you can get study material after registration and this course is available in both computer-based and web-based delivery formats and is part of a series of e-Learning courses designed to teach you RSLogix 5000 software.

Syllabus for this certification includes:

Introduction to RSLogix 5000 Software
• Installing RSLogix 5000 Software
• Identifying Main Window Components
• Configuring the Display
• Navigating through the Software
• Using Help Options

Creating and Configuring a New Project
• Creating and Managing Project Files
• Configuring a Controller
• Organizing Tasks, Programs, and Routines
• Configuring a Local I/O Module
• Organizing Data
• Producing and Consuming Tags
• Exporting and Importing Tags

Get more detail here

3. SITRAIN Certification Program: This is the certification program by Siemens and under this program there are many certifications. This is a worldwide recognized program and the certification is valid for 3 years. Below chart shows the entry qualification for each certification.

Siemens certification program

The certifications are divided as per PLC make and model viz. Certification based on SIMATIC S7-300/-400 with STEP 7 V5.x and Certification based on SIMATIC S7-1500 with TIA Portal and there are some compulsory training which you must attend before attending these certifications. There are also certifications in the Process Automation field. Get more information here.

4. Professional Certificate of Competency in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) & SCADA Systems: This certification is from Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) which is endorsed by the International Society of Automation (ISA). This is a general purpose certification course for new learners and include basic concept of SCADA and PLC system, PLC programming (ladder logic), industrial communication protocols, PLC panel designing and much more.

Syllabus, fees and more information can be found here.

Apart from this certifications there are many local institutes which gives you the PLC programming and SCADA training at low cost. In this program they teach about 2-3 different make PLC, SCADA, PLC programming, Electrical etc. If you know any other industry wide automation certification, please let us know through your comments.

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