Today competition in every field has increased a lot and to be different from other employees, we have to do different things. There are certification in every field and to get good recognition gaining a certification is very important. Not only it increases competency but also gives professional recognition. So today in this post we have listed some industrial automation certification, which will help you in boasting your knowledge and career. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Industrial Automation Certifications

4 Industrial Automation Certifications You Must Know

1. ControlLogix Certificate Program by Rockwell: Rockwell automation is a well know company in automation and their PLC's are used in every sector. So if you are a PLC programmer having experience in ControlLogix PLC's, then this certification is certainly for you. This is a self preparatory program and you will have to follow the given syllabus.

You will complete a series of three required ControlLogix courses related to your maintenance or programming job responsibilities, plus one course elective.

To earn the ControlLogix certificate, the program requirements must be completed within 12 months. For more details please check here.

2. RSTrainer for RSLogix 5000 Software: This is another certification program by Rockwell which is a computer based training. To clear this certification you can get study material after registration and this course is available in both computer-based and web-based delivery formats and is part of a series of e-Learning courses designed to teach you RSLogix 5000 software.

Syllabus for this certification includes:

Introduction to RSLogix 5000 Software
• Installing RSLogix 5000 Software
• Identifying Main Window Components
• Configuring the Display
• Navigating through the Software
• Using Help Options

Creating and Configuring a New Project
• Creating and Managing Project Files
• Configuring a Controller
• Organizing Tasks, Programs, and Routines
• Configuring a Local I/O Module
• Organizing Data
• Producing and Consuming Tags
• Exporting and Importing Tags

Get more detail here

3. SITRAIN Certification Program: This is the certification program by Siemens and under this program there are many certifications. This is a worldwide recognized program and the certification is valid for 3 years. Below chart shows the entry qualification for each certification.

Siemens certification program

The certifications are divided as per PLC make and model viz. Certification based on SIMATIC S7-300/-400 with STEP 7 V5.x and Certification based on SIMATIC S7-1500 with TIA Portal and there are some compulsory training which you must attend before attending these certifications. There are also certifications in the Process Automation field. Get more information here.

4. Professional Certificate of Competency in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) & SCADA Systems: This certification is from Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) which is endorsed by the International Society of Automation (ISA). This is a general purpose certification course for new learners and include basic concept of SCADA and PLC system, PLC programming (ladder logic), industrial communication protocols, PLC panel designing and much more.

Syllabus, fees and more information can be found here.

Apart from this certifications there are many local institutes which gives you the PLC programming and SCADA training at low cost. In this program they teach about 2-3 different make PLC, SCADA, PLC programming, Electrical etc. If you know any other industry wide automation certification, please let us know through your comments.


There are lots and lots of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) available in the market and many PLC companies are emerging day by day with their own make and model PLC's and HMI. The best part is that they also provide free copies of their PLC software for your use. You can download the free PLC software from their website and can start learning their instructions, though the logic of all the ladder programming is same and you won't be having any issue in using this software's. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Free PLC Softwares for Ladder Logic Programming

Even if you are not a experienced PLC programmer and still searching for job in automation industry, then you should try these free ladder logic programming software to increase your knowledge and programming skills. Why you should stick to only 1-2 brands of PLC's when you can try many different PLC's logic.

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Big automation companies like Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron etc. do not provide their PLC and HMI software for free, you have to buy license of their software's. So it is better to have goods hands-on some of the freely available software's.

Free PLC Software for Ladder Logic Programming

1. Delta PLC Software: Delta PLC's are very popular due to their cheap cost and easy handling. Delta automation provides its PLC software WplSoft for free. Any one can download their software without any login.

2. TRiLOGI: This is one of the best ladder logic learning software for students and any student or university can use this software free of charge by just writing an email to software company.

3. Cscape Free PLC Software: This PLC software is from Horner Automation group which deals in all-in-one controllers, remote I/O, expansion etc. Cscape is a free PLC software with drag and drop feature. It is very easy to use and you can download this software by just creating an account with them.

Cscape Free PLC Software

This software combines graphical ladder diagram programming based on IEC-1131 with operator interface development to completely integrate the control package which is definitely a great feature.

4. Eware32: This software is from Entertron Industries Inc. and work with Entertron's ePLCs only as other software's. This software also has free simulator option so it can even work without any PLC hardware.

Eware32 Free PLC Software

5. KV-Ladder Builder : This is a PLC programming software from Keyence and is freely available at their website. You can download the software by creating account with them. This software also have a simulator mode, so you don't require actual PLC to test your ladder programs.

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6. Do-more Designer Programming Software: This software is freely available and is from Automation Direct. This software work well in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 also both 32 or 64-bit versions. When connected to internet it automatically checks for software and firmware updates.

There are lot more other free PLC software's available and you can download them from their official websites. If they are not full version at least you can get trail version for testing. I hope you enjoyed this article and it will benefit you in your programming and trying different flavors of PLC's. Please leave your feedback's and comments and also subscribe to our email subscription for free to get latest update on email.


GSM Modems are playing very important role in every industry and automation industry is too effected by it. GSM modules are largely used in automation industry for providing communication between PLC and other applications like SCADA and HMI's. In this tutorial we will tell you how to connect a Delta PLC to GSM modem. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Delta PLC Communication with GSM Modem

To communicate Delta PLC with GSM modem you will have to follow below steps and should have below hardware and software.

Requirements for this tutorial

1. Delta PLC with Rs485 or Rs232 port
2. GSM Modem
3. RS232 to RS485 Convertor
4. Delta PLC Programming software

For interfacing between Delta PLC and GSM modem, we have used RS-485 communication port at PLC side and RS232 port at GSM modem side. And to connect both these we have used a RS-232 to RS-485 convertor as shown above. For this communication to happen successfully we will first have to make communication settings in program and then send commands by Serial communication instructions.

Communication settings in Delta PLC :

1. COM ports (COM1: RS-232; COM2: RS-485) in ES/EX/SS/SC/SA/SX and COM ports (COM1: RS-232; COM2: RS-232/RS-485/RS-422) in EH support MODBUS ASCII/RTU communication format with speed of up to 115,200bps. COM1 and COM2 can be used at the same time. COM3: RS-232/RS-485 in EH supports MODBUS ASCII communication format with speed of up to 38,400bps.

2. We have used COM2: RS-485 for our interface. For RS 485; communication format is set in D1120. Communication format for different ports:-

Communication Format Settings:

COM1: Communication format is set in D1036, (b8 ~ b15) do not support. Communication setting in M1138 remains and M1139 is set in ASCII/RTU mode.

COM2: Communication format is set in D1120, Communication setting in M1120 remains and M1143 is set in ASCII/RTU mode.

COM3:Communication format is set in D1109, (b0 ~ b3, b8 ~ b15) do not support and Communication setting in M1136 remains.

Now you will have to set data length, parity bits and for that you can use D1120 data register. Follow below charts for your help.

How To Send Commands to GSM Modem

You can send commands to your GSM modem with the help of PLC instruction and this can be easily done as follows.

1. Set M1122; whenever you are sending commands to GSM MODULE. M1122 is sending request flags M1122 for COM2. It has to be enabled in advance for obtaining correct operation.

2. For sending commands use following instruction and operands.

Instruction to send commands to GSM Modem

Now to send AT command from PLC use the instruction as shown in below image.

PLC instruction to send AT Command

To Set M0 bit, we have to send ASCII commands. RS instruction will transfer the AT commands to GSM modem. For that write ASCII value of commands in D408 to D410. We have written ASCII value of command in following register, see below image.

ASCII for sending AT Command

If GSM Modem is working properly, it will responds to AT command. And we get below data in D2200 to DD2206 register.

AT command reply from GSM Modem

If we receive OK from the GSM Modem, then we can send below commands from our PLC.

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(Phone number to send SMS)

Similarly you can send your message from PLC and get response from GSM modem. Suppose you have to send "Hello". Here we have sent five letters only. It needs to send ctrl+z to send your message. So we have sent five data register for our message and one for ctrl+z. ASCII code for ctrl+z is H1A. If your message contains more letters then write appropriate value in instructions; if message contains 16 letters then use 16 data register for message and plus one data register for ctrl+z; so use total 17 data register including ctrl+z. If you have any issue you can comment below. This tutorial is send by one of our Facebook Fan Vijaysinh Rahevar and we are very thankful to him. If you also want to submit your tutorial, just get in touch with us on Facebook.


As we all know that LabView is a software which is used for designing and development environment for a visual programming language and is from National Instruments. LabView has found its use in many places and many of the engineers are making their design on LabView. In Automation industry we use different-different devices and software to implement or projects and OPC server (OLE for Process Control) is one such very useful software or protocol which is widely used. In this tutorial we will guide you how you can communicate LabView and PLC through an OPC server. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Tutorial Requirements:

1. PLC [we are using Allen Bradley Micrologix 1000 PLC here]
2. LabView 2012
3. OPC server [Kepware]
4. Communication cables.

Let me tell you that we can use LabVIEW as an OPC client by connecting to an OPC server through a DataSocket connection and we done same and communicated OPC server and LabView through DataSocket VI. In this tutorial we are using Kepware OPC server for communication.

The DataSocket palette in LabVIEW:

Below is the picture of DataSocket palette in LabView which shows you different buttons for performing different task as explained below.

DataSocket Display URL: Displays a dialog box for the user to select a data source and returns the URL to that data.

DataSocket Open: Opens a data connection you specify in URL.

DataSocket Read: De queues the next available data value from the client-side buffer associated with the connection you specify in connection in and returns the data.

DataSocket Write: Writes data to the connection you specify in connection in.

DataSocket Close: Closes a data connection you specify in connection id.

LabView and PLC communication through OPC Server

Now lets start with communicating PLC and LabView through Kepware OPC server. OPC has some standard URL format which looks like opc://machine_name/server_name/item_name.

Here in following we use KEPware.KEPServerEx.V4 OPC Server and channel name is a; device name is b; and tag name is t0. So; OPC URL is as following;


If you know URL in advance, then you can directly use that URL with DATASOCKET OPEN VI. This VI opens a data connection we specify in the input URL as below.

Read OPC Data

Use DataSocket Read in order to get data from a specific Item in the OPC server as below.

We can also read by using URL directly like below.

WRITE in to OPC Data

You can use DataSocket Write in order to write data to a specific Item in the OPC server. In order to write data to an OPC Item it must have the Write property set.

We can also write using the specific URL directly like this:

Now after making all the setting you can test your PLC and LabView, below is the video of same. You can write a simple ON-OFF program for PLC.

This communication is done by one of our Facebook Fan page Vijaysinh Rahevar and we are very thankful to him. If you also want to submit your tutorial, just get in touch with us on Facebook.


In industrial automation, proper selection of automation products is very important whether it is a PLC, sensor, motor, servo or any other component small or big., every one play a vital role. Improper selection of these component may lead to complete failure of the project. Therefore in this tutorial we will guide you, how can you choose best servo motor for your project using Omron Servo Motor selection free tool. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Which Servo Motor to Select

I still remember my early project days, where one of colleague choose wrong Induction motor and due to which client sheet laminating project become complete disaster. The motor he choose was under rating due to which machine was stopping due to overload. So don't repeat such mistakes and always choose correct rating motor.

This was the case of general induction motor and same can happen in servo project too, so proper selection of servo motor is must to get precise output.

If you work on Omron products, then you can use a servo motor selection tool from Omron which is freely available at at below path. It is just a 7.26 MB application and does not require more space and memory.

Folder path : /downloads/4.Products/Software/Servo Motor Selection Software/

servo motor selection free tool

This tool is very unique and useful and lets you select servo motor based on your project requirement. Suppose you want to make a project where servo motor is required at conveyor belt, roll feeder, suspension, ballscrew etc., then this is the tool for you.

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When you start Servo motor selection tool, you have to choose the purpose of your servo motor. Let say we need servo motor for conveyor belt system, then we choose the same as shown below.

servo motor selection conveyor belt system

After selecting your mechanical system, this tool will ask information about your components and your requirement. Like in conveyor belt it ask for reduct gear, belt & H linear values. We are keeping these setting as default for demo purpose, you can edit it as per your needs.

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Now the next step which you have to perform is that, you will have to put your operating value. Let say I want 1500 rotation per min in 2 second interval, just fill 1500 in RPM section and 2 seconds in time section, rest is automatically calculated.

Now after entering your requirement you can click on Motor selecting icon which will show you recommended servo motor names form Omron. Now you can choose one which best suits you as per your capacity, RPM, Torque etc. requirement. You can click on judgement to see if you are selecting right servo or not.

servo motor selection

Now just click on next button after selecting your motor and print the report and send to your client or save to your project file. A sample servo motor selection report can be downloaded from this link.

Hope you found this article useful and will use to select your servo motor too. Let us also know what you think about this tool with your comments and feedback. Do stay in touch and join us at Facebook and Twitter.


Delta Screen editor is a free HMI software for programming Delta HMI's and you can really create a very good functioning HMI applications using it. In industries some times it is required that the first screen of the HMI application should only display the company detail or application name and nothing else. So how it is possible to go to next screen ? In this case, it is best to use a invisible button to go to next screen and almost every HMI software has this functionality. In this tutorial we will teach you how to make a invisible button to proceed to next screen in Delta HMI. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Requirements for this Project

1. Screen Editor Software
2. Basic knowledge of using HMI software
3. Two sample screen to test the application

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Steps to Create Invisible Button to switch between screen

1. Open your Screen Editor software and create desired project. Give project name, screen name, HMI type, base port controller and printer. Base port controller allows you to connect your Delta HMI with different brands of PLC's like Omron, Allen Bradley, Ge Fanuc, Hitachi, Keyence, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Toshiba, Yaskawa and many other brands.

Invisible Button : Create Project

2. Now you will see your first screen, here add your company info, application name or whatever you want and from left side drag a GoTo Screen button to your 1st screen as shown below.

Invisible Button : Adding GoTo Screen Button

3. Now click on GoTo screen button on your working space, which will open it's property in right side pane. Now here you have to change its style property to invisible as shown below to make this button invisible.

Invisible Button : Editing Property Style

4. Now click on GoTo screen button and re-size it to fit your full screen.

5. Now create a new sample screen 2 (you can create according to your requirement) and we have put some sample text and home button to it.

Now in property of invisible button on screen 1, change GoTo Screen option to sample screen 2 as shown below.

Invisible Button : Editing Property GoTo Screen

Now your sample application is ready to test. Click on Online Simulation to see its working. You will see first screen as below. If you have made any mistake on creating application, you will get error.

Invisible Button : Sample Screen

This was a sample tutorial to make your HMI application with Invisible Button. if you have any issue in any step, please let us know through your comments and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for Free and Like us on Facebook.


DVP-SX is a special function PLC unit. This series PLC is a 10-point (4DI+2DO+2AI+2AO) special main processing unit. Besides the same commands and functions as DVP-SA/SX/SC series, 2-CH 12-bit analog voltage/current input and 2-CH 12-bit analog voltage/current output are all bipolar. In DCP_SX, there is built-in 7-segment 2-digit display corresponds to internal register directly to display PLC station or user-defined code. This PLC also has error indicator and whenever an error occurs, the display will blink and show “Er” and “01” or “02” alternately (01 indicates syntax error and 02 indicates PLC program loss). Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

This manual contains electrical specification, installation, input/output wiring of DVP-SX PLC, Safety wiring, analog wiring in multi-language. This PLC can be programmed using WPLSoft, which is standard PLC programming software for Delta PLC and is freely available for all.

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Download Delta DVP-SX Manual


Remote assistance is a software which helps in taking remote session of other PC or system from remote location. In automation industries, this software is very useful for all commissioning engineer who are troubleshooting remotely. Now with every Omron CX-Supervisor V3, Omron Remote Assistance is also provided for free and if you are using old version and want to get this software, you can get it from Omron official website. This software is provided by Teamviewer, one of the market leaders in remote desktop control. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

TeamViewer Remote Assistance for Omron

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First of all you will need to have this software installed on your system or PC or Laptop client and main machine, whatever device you are using. You can also use your IPad, Android device to connect to remote site, though you will have to install different application for that.

To get this software first go to and then click on Download tab. The route path for this software is /downloads/4.Products/Software/RemoteAssistance/.

This software can also be downloaded from official Website and it will also not contain Omron watermark to it.

Omron Remote Assistance

Now when you have installed this software, the software will try to connect to the Internet. If you have your firewall enabled or have any antivirus which ask to allow this application, then please allow it. After successful connection, it will show you a green indicator and will also generate user ID and password for you as shown above.

Note: This User ID and password is of Client machine

Now you can use this user ID and password from main laptop or PC to connect the client remote machine of whose password and user it you have. This is a very secure connection and if TeamViewer is not running on clinet machine, then you cannot connect to it. Now once you are connected to the remote PC, you can do your troubleshooting, program editing in that particular PC like you are using your own PC.


In industrial automation, we install and program many servo motors and drive in industries every day and so sometimes it becomes very problematic to set each and every drive with display panel. So to make this a easy process, you can also use servo drive software to make changes or set new parameters through your laptops. Today let me tell you about CX drive, which is Omron product and by which you can program your drive without touching display panel. Almost all the automation product manufacturing company provide servo drive software, so you can check with your drive provider. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Required Conditions

1. You must have CX-Drive installed on your laptops/desktops.
2. Servo drive should be connected to set or change parameter's online.
In this example we have selected R88D servo drive.

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Steps to Change Servo Drive Parameter Using Omron CX Drive

1. Start CX Drive software in your laptop. If you have installed CX-One software and all its component, then it will be under Omron -- CX-One -- CX-Drive

2. Now click on new and make your servo drive project. Here you will have to select servo drive model from the list and you can also set maximum rating of the drive through settings.

CX drive new project

3. Now expand your new project and click on Parameter Editor. In parameter editor you can even choose from different parameter list like basic parameters, gain parameters, vibration suppression parameter, analog control, special setting parameter etc.

CX drive parameters

4. Suppose we first want to set basic parameters, then just click on it and you will be shown all the basic parameters of servo drive.

Now suppose we want to change control mode of the drive, then we can use parameter Pn001 and can set its value as required for project. See example below.

CX drive parameters pn001

Similarly you can change any parameter of servo easily.

Now to transfer this new setting to your drive, just go to transfer, which is under drive tab and transfer the settings to your drive. And if you are not connected to your drive you can also save your setting for after use. I like this method because you can use same settings for every drive and you can save your project parameter wise, which saves your precious time.

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