Jan 11, 2024

3 Allen Bradley PLC Certifications & Courses

Allen Bradley is one of the top providers of automation and control products, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs). As industrial processes become more automated, there is a growing demand for skilled PLC programmers and technicians. 

Allen Bradley offers various certifications to demonstrate knowledge and skills working with their Logix 5000 platform, Studio 5000 software, etc. 

In my opinion, these certifications can help boost careers in manufacturing, processing, oil and gas, and other industries using Allen Bradley PLCs. The credentials also enable easier troubleshooting and optimization of equipment.

Allen Bradley PLC Certifications

Allen Bradley PLC Certifications

Below are the certifications and courses that Allen Bradley provides. Most of them are instructor-led for a certain duration and at the end of the course, you can do your certification.

Accelerated Logix5000 Maintainer Certificate Level 1

The Accelerated Logix5000 Maintainer Certificate Level 1 focuses on hardware troubleshooting, interpretation of ladder logic in a Studio 5000 Logix Designer® project, and maintenance skills. 

In this 5 day course, learners start with gaining fundamental knowledge about basic concepts and terminology. 

I think this credential provides a solid foundation for electricians, instrumentation techs, and others to keep PLC hardware and installations running smoothly. The skills help equipment uptime while minimizing production disruptions.

Accelerated Logix5000 Programmer Certificate Level 1

The Accelerated Logix5000 Programmer Certificate Level 1 course offered by Allen Bradley is a comprehensive and intensive program designed to equip participants with essential skills in programmable logic controllers (PLCs) using the Logix5000 system. 

Tailored for individuals seeking proficiency in industrial automation and control systems, this course focuses on the fundamental concepts and practical applications associated with the Logix5000 platform.

The curriculum begins with a thorough exploration of the basic concepts, control systems, Downloading, Uploading, and Going Online on the software and terminology related to Logix5000. 

Participants delve into understanding the intricacies of the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application, a key tool for developing, programming, and maintaining Logix5000 controllers.  You are also given enough time to test and create a ladder diagram. 

Advanced Logix 5000 Programmer Certificate 

The 4-day Advanced Logix 5000 Programmer course delivers advanced knowledge for experienced PLC programmers.

Tailored for quick learners, the course delves into advanced programming methods, intricate instructions, and optimization techniques within the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® environment. Beyond mastering ControlLogix® and CompactLogix™ controllers, participants also explore controller project security, event logging, and leverage the tools in the Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment®. 

This comprehensive program not only equips learners to perform advanced tasks such as programming sophisticated instructions and optimizing controller performance but also introduces them to Integrated Architecture Builder® and Studio 5000 Architect® software for complete control system design and management.

Upon completion, participants are prepared for the Advanced Logix 5000 Programmer certificate exam, seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills. The course's emphasis on developing highly optimized projects aligns to empower individuals to meet detailed specification requirements, making it an invaluable step towards becoming a proficient Logix 5000™ programmer.

In conclusion, pursuing Allen Bradley PLC certifications provides a dynamic pathway for individuals to master the intricacies of programmable logic controllers and elevate their proficiency in industrial automation. 

Whether starting with the foundational Accelerated Logix5000 Programmer Certificate Level 1 or advancing to the specialized Advanced Logix 5000 Programmer Certificate, these certifications offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills. 

Beyond the immediate benefits of practical expertise, earning these certifications signals a commitment to staying current in the rapidly evolving field of industrial automation, enhancing one's career prospects. 

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