Aug 9, 2011

How To Connect Encoder With Delta DVP SS PLC

Encoder Interfacing with a PLC is very simple , but sometimes it becomes difficult if we are new to some PLC. Delta PLC are capable of reading encoder pulses through the available hardware and software counters in the PLC. So today we will see that how to read encoder pulses in Delta PLC. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

How To Connect Encoder With Delta DVP SS PLC :-

In Many applications we need to connect encoder with PLC for feedback purpose. There are many types of encoder available in market. Previously we have seen how can we connect Encoder with Omron PLC ,today we will see that how to make connections between a delta dvp plc and encoder.Also we see the required plc programming for this.

Hardware Connections between the Encoder and Delta DVP SS PLC :-

For making the connection we have to connect the A and B Phase output of the encoder to Input terminal x0 and x1 respectively. This can be simple connected , here in this case we are considering the two phase , so we will be able to get pulses in both CW and CCW rotation of Encoder shaft.

PLC Programming of Delta DVP SS for Encoder Interfacing :-

In Delta PLC there are hardware counters defined for reading the encoder pulses in the PLC Program.Considering the case of DVP 14SS here , the Hardware Counter 251 will be used for reading the encoder pulses at input x0 and x1. Suppose that we have connected a Encoder of PPR 5000 , then we will get 5000 pulses in 1 revolution of encoder shaft. The pulses will decrease if the encoder shaft is rotated in CCW Direction.

Sample PLC Program of Delta PLC Enncoder Interfacing :-
We have made a simple program of encoder interfacing with Delta DVP 14ss PLC , in this the same is done as discussed above. You can Download it for your reference.


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  1. sir pls help me to configuring omron encoder E6B2-CWZ6C ROTARY ENCODER WITH MICROLOGIX 1400 PLC SERIES WITH ANY TRAIL PROGRAMME :-


  2. Dear Bikrant,
    Just connect the encoder a and b phase wires on the high speed counter inputs of plc and use the instruction for counting the pulses
    If you need more information dont hesitate to ask.

    Thanks and welcome to automation talk.

  3. In the sample program for delta, you used C251 for x0 and x1 & Z is on x3. If I want to use four encoders, then is it the sequence wise..? like C252, C253.. etc for x4,x5 & x6,x7..

  4. how to connect Autonics E50S8-1024-3T-24 to delta eh3 series plc. Can you please help me

  5. Sir can you help me? how to set a bit at a perticular angle in delta dvp plc using single turn 8 bit binary absolute encoder?


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