Jan 4, 2011

Omron NT11 HMI Programming for Lubrication System

In the earlier post we saw the PLC Program for the Lubrication system and how to do its PLC Programming . We also posted the complete PLC Program for yours reference purpose. In this section we will see the HMI screens and their meanings. If you want to review the PLC Program and concept of lubrication system see here.

As there are 3 solenoid valves for which lubrication has to be done , we have made three screens each for one solenoid valve section. See the below screen.

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As shown in the above picture we have to put the RUN time and Stop time of the Valve , and accordingly the lubrication system will run for that time and automatically stops for the given time and process continues on. Similar Screens are made for other two other solenoid valves.
Sometimes it is required that one part of complete lubrication system should be off due to maintenance reason or some other problem . We have included this provision also. Below is the screen for ON/OFF of a particular solenoid valve.

Also for the checking/testing purpose of particular solenoid valve we may need to run that part in manual for testing purpose , so below is the screen for manual operation of solenoid valve , just turn the selector switch.

You can download the complete HMI Program from Below.


The interfacing of HMI with PLC has been explained previously. The linking of HMI data words in PLC is included in Program . So see the complete PLC Program and you will understand everything , still if you are facing any problem you can write us in comment section.
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