Jan 18, 2011

PLC Programming For Automatic Conveyor Belt

Many subscribers mailed us that they want to design an Application for Automatic movement of conveyor for a desired length. So today in this post we will see the PLC Logic development for this application. First of all if we see then we need a Motor of required rating according to conveyor , one VFD for Motor Run and two limit switches to sense the left and right extreme position.

PLC Programming for Automatic Conveyor Belt :-

First of all let us understand the logic and hardware section. We will be having two push buttons for START and STOP , Two limit switches and one VFD . Whenever we push the Start Button then the RUN command will go to VFD and Motor will start and in turn conveyor moves. Here Note That :- For the first time Conveyor will move in right direction i.e Motor forward and after that whenever its START again then it will resume the direction to which it was going. As the conveyor reaches the Right extreme position the signal will come to PLC and instantly the REVERSE command will go to drive , so motor will first decelerate and then will change direction and conveyor will start coming to left and process continues on.

This logic of conveyor movement is employed in almost all the major industries for transfer of objects/products from one place to another. However the selection of right Motor rating is a crucial factor in designing conveyor application.

0.0 - START Push Button (NO)
0.1 - STOP Push Button (NC)
0.2 - Right Limit Switch (NO)
0.3 - Left Limit Switch (NO)

100.0 - Run Command to VFD
100.1 - REVERSE Command to VFD

Key - Point :- As the RUN command will go to VFD then by default the direction will be right, if by any reason its not then inter-change the two phases at the Motor power connection end.
And as the reverse command will go to VFD it will change the direction of MOTOR. There is no as such forward/reverse direction for Motor , we have to choose according to our application and it can be easily done with Motor Power connection as told above.

However the PLC Logic of this application can be developed in many ways , but we have done the PLC Programming in the easiest and shortest way, in just 5 ladder lines.

You can learn more about VFD here in our earlier Posts.

We have made the PLC Programming using the OMRON CX-Programmer software for OMRON PLC CP1E. However the same logic can be built in any type of PLC after understanding the PLC Program Logic as explained above. We have included both .cxp and .pdf files. You can download the PLC program from below.

Download PLC Program for Automatic Conveyor.

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