Aug 30, 2018

How to Save Energy using VFD/Inverter/AC Drive

Variable Frequency Drive or VFD is a power electronics device which has revolutionized the Electrical Industry. VFD have made possible the speed and frequency control of the AC Motor. VFD gives a load of other advantages other than speed control. VFD is the best starting method for AC Motor. Also, the energy saving feature in drive makes an added advantage for saving the electricity and thus reducing the cost.

How to Save Energy

Save Energy by Using Baldor VFD

Baldor VS1MD series VFD have a special feature through which we can save energy and thus reduce the cost of electricity bills. In almost all the industries where there are many motors, most of the electricity bill is raised from current consumption by these motors. But by installing Baldor VFD we can get up to 30% energy savings and thus the cost of the drive can be recovered in just 1 Year.

All the drives have PWM output, so it means that even if we don’t set the parameter we will get the energy savings and that is for sure. If we compare two motors of same ratings, for example, there are two motors of 10 HP Motor A and Motor B. Motor A is run through Star Delta Starter and Motor B is through VFD.

Both the Motors A and B are used in the same application with the same load condition and the same environment. If we install an Electric Meter and monitor the Units consumption then we will find that there will be around 20 to 30% lesser electric units consumed by Motor B which is run through VFD.

Parameter Setting in Baldor VFD for Energy Savings

To boost the energy savings in Baldor VFD, there is one Parameter. Parameter Number F40, in this put the value in between 0 to 30. It adjusts the output voltage according to the load status. It is set as a percent of a maximum output voltage.

When there is any pump or fan application, setting this parameter can dramatically reduce energy consumption by decreasing the output voltage with light loads or load behavior.

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