Jun 13, 2011

PLC Programming for Labelling Machine

Labelling Machines find their applications in almost all the manufacturing Industries. Every product manufactured in the plant needs to be put a label having its description and so the automatic labelling machine have to be used for this purpose. Their can be various kind of labelling machines but today in this post we will discuss the PLC Programming for a simple Labelling Machine.

PLC Program for Automatic Labelling Machine :-

Before going in to the programming Details let us first understood the Hardware Part. The labelling Machine which are going to discuss has a Conveyor driven by AC Motor and one axis for labelling driven by stepping drive and stepping motor. There are two sensors for Product/Label Sensor. We will use one output for giving pulses to Steeper Drive.

Programming Procedure for Automatic Labelling M/C using Steeper Motor :-

Let us understand the Procedure for Labelling Machine operation. First of all we will give start command to the Inverter to start the conveyor for feeding the products. When the Product reaches the Sensor then the Product Sensor gives the signal to PLC , as soon as the PLC receives the signal the Output Y0 is on and gives pulses to steeper Drive and stamps the label on the product. Than wait for the signal of label sensor , as label sensor gives signal than the plc output the specified number of pulses and Stops. And than again wait for the signal of Product Sensor and the Process goes On.

Important Points to Remember for PLC Programming :-

The speed of the conveyor affects the labelling speed and also the start frequency of the steeper Motor should be adequate according to ramp up time. The time Interval between product sensor On signal and the PLC output should be adequate and also time interval label sensor ON and ramp-down stop should be accurate.

So implement the above steps for making the plc programming. The above logic can be implemented in any make plc.
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  1. i used labelling machine program for delta PLC but its not working properly.

    any body knows other option to get best results

  2. hello I would like to ask a working program Delta plc and connection drawings thanks

  3. Hello,
    What could be the involved param├ętres that label dispense two labels on one bottle ? Thanks


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