Jun 10, 2011

Adding Analog I/O Module In Delta PLC

One of the most difficult task is to configure the Analog I/O Expansion Modules. Today in this post we will see that how simple it is to add the analog Modules in Delta PLC and define the settings for current and voltage Inputs. We will see the step by step procedure for this process.

How to add analog card Modules in Delta PLC :-

To set up the analog Module , open the WPL Soft and then create a new project. After that click on the "Auxillary set up for Extension Modules" , a table will open. Here select the Analog Module Model number connected at the 0 position , similarly select the analog card model number for the other position. After selecting the model number click on the Set Up, A next page will open here select the I/O Mode setting and tick the write register (generate TO Instruction) , also at the bottom you will see the analog channel , here you can select the type of analog input as Current and Voltage. Select the Type of analog Input Accordingly and click to add to list.

After this select the CH1 average Input from the list and tick on Read Register ( generate from Instruction) and define the condition and the data word for storing the value and then add to list. Similarly if there is analog Output then define the analog channel output average value.

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