Jun 9, 2011

Delta HMI to PLC Modbus Communication Network

Delta HMI are compatible to communicate with PLC in Modbus and up to 32 PLC Can be connected in a network with HMI being the Master and the PLC as slaves. Today we will see the step by step details for configuring this type of Modbus network between PLC and HMI.

HMI to PLC Modbus Network in Delta :-

Here we will consider that there are 3 plc in the network as slaves and One HMI as Master. So we will set up a Modbus ASCII network of one HMI(master) with 3 PLC’s(slaves). The communication Protocol we are going to use in this network is 7,N,2 (Modbus, ASCII), 9600 bps. And the HMI as Master with address as 0 and Slave PLC as address 1 , 2 AND 3.
In Delta Pin 1 will be D+ and Pin 6 will be D- , so make the wiring accordingly.

Setting Up Communication between ScreenEditor and WPLSoft :-

To set Up the communication we need to define some of the Communication Parameters both at PLC and HMI side. Open the WPL SOft and select a new project , To set up the Modbus Communication open the communication Wizard and define the Data Length as 8, Parity as None and stop bit as 2 , baud rate as 9600 BPS. Also define the slave address as 1 for first PLC and 2 for second and 3 for third. Rest all parameters will be same for other PLC also.

We have to define the same communication parameters at the HMI side. Open the Screen Editor and select the HMI model and in the Base Port controller select as Delta Controller ASCII. After this go to Option -- Configuration and select the Com Port 2 and Define the same communication settings as we did at PLC Side.

We have made a sample PLC and HMI Program , which you can download from Below.

HMI to PLC Modbus Communication Sample Program

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