Jun 8, 2011

Using Smart Ladder Input in CX - Programmer

Omron CX Programmer has the unique feature of Smart Ladder Input through which can directly write the Input or Output Name without even mentioning the I/O Address. Generally while making the PLC Program we have to Input the Physical I/O Address in the Ladder. But think if we just can make the PLC program by Inputting the Name of I/O. Its a good way to make the Program. We will see in this post that how we can do this in Omron CX - Programmer.

Smart Ladder Input in Cx-Programmer :-

To learn the Smart Ladder Input Procedure , let us first understand what is smart Input is actually ? We all know that while making ladder program when we input a NO element then we have to input the Input address like 0.0 or 0.1 in case of Omron PLC. The same is the case is for Outputs. Think if we can already define in symbol table that which Input is at connected at which Physical address of PLC , like Gate Photo Sensor at 0.0 and Proximity Sensor at 0.1 and so on . So when we define the complete symbol table for all I/O then we just have to write the name which we define in Symbol table while making the PLC Ladder.

Step by Step Procedure for Smart Ladder Input :-

First of all open the CX Programmer and create a New Project. After that you will see at the upper tab a icon of Smart Input Mode , click on it to activate It. Now the smart ladder Input is Activated. After that in the project Work space you will see symbols section ,click on it and after that add here all the Input and Outputs and Memory bits which you are going to Use in the PLC Ladder.

After adding all the Symbols names ,just open the plc ladder editor and when you input any NO contact the just simply write the name which you have defined in the symbol table for that particular Input. This way now we don't have to remember the address of all Inputs and Outputs. We can just simply make the PLC ladder by their names. Below is a video of all above which we have discussed.

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