Jun 13, 2011

How to Create I/O Table in Omron CJ1M PLC

Every PLC Programming software has got the option for creating the I/O table or in other words to add the digital and analog cards with the CPU. We already discussed the analog card addition procedure in Delta PLC. Here in this post we will see the procedure for Creation of I/O Table in Omron PLC.

Input - Output Table Creation in Omron PLC :-

To create an I/O Table , first of all create a new project and select the Proper PLC CPU accordingly. After that in the left hand side in Project workspace you will see an option of "I/O Tab & Unit Set up" ,double click on it to Open. Here select the Main Rack and then In options tab click on Create. This Will create the I/O table and will transfer all the connected I/O Units with PLC in the I/O table.

After creation of I/O table you will see that all connected Units with CPU will be displayed here in this section. After that click on Verify and we are done with the I/O table Part.

Important Note:- The I/O Table will only create if the PLC is Online and we have to be in Program / Stop Mode while creating the I/O Table.

See Below Video for Better Understanding.

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