May 2, 2011

Replacing KEB VFD with Fuji Multi Drive

Many a times it happens that we have to replace the existing Variable Frequency Drive with a New Company Drive. So in that case we have to be familiar with VFD of both the Manufacturers. Here in this post we will see how we can replace the existing KEB Drive with Fuji VFD.

Replacing KEB Frequency Drive with Fuji Make Multi Drive :-

Here we will take example of KEB drive in application where the application is that drive is getting a 0 to 10 Volt signal as frequency reference and Start command is from terminal. In KEB frequency Drive the Control terminals have got numbers on them. So if you have got a KEB Drive and thinking it to replace with New one of Different make then this post will help you a lot in making the Control terminals Connections.

First of all cut off the main power and remove the Drive Input Power and Motor Output Wires. Now Note Down the Wire Number on Each Control terminal of KEB Drive. For this Particular application in which we replaced KEB Drive the terminals used were.
Terminal No. 1 ---- >> Variable Voltage Input
Terminal No. 8 ---- >> Zero Voltage Input
Terminal No. 20 ---- >> Common For Input
Terminal No. 16 ---- >> Forward Run Command
Terminal No. 25 ---- >> Relay Output Common
Terminal No. 26 ---- >> Relay Output NC Contact

So how make these existing connection same in Fuji Multi Drive ?

We will tell you that , make the connections as follows :-

Keb Drive Control Terminal ---------------------------Fuji Multi Control Terminal
Terminal No 1-------------------------------------------------------Terminal No. 12
Terminal No 8-------------------------------------------------------Terminal No. 11
Terminal No 25------------------------------------------------------Terminal No. 30B
Terminal No 26------------------------------------------------------Terminal No. 30C
Terminal No 20------------------------------------------------------Terminal No. CM
Terminal No 16------------------------------------------------------Terminal No. FWD

So after Removing control connections from KEB Drive and Making the connections in Fuji Drive as shown above , Now we have to make appropriate Parameters Settings in Fuji Drive , the application we have already discussed above. Make the Following Parameters Set in in the Fuji Multi Variable Frequency Drive.

Parameter Settings in Fuji Multi Drive :-
Paramter Number ---------------------------------------------------------Value
F01 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01
F02 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01
F03 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 95
F04 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50
F05 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 220
F06 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 220
F14 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04
F15 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 120
F07 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.2
F08 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.2
C32 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 200
C35 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0
P01 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
P02 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motor KW
P03 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motor Amp
P99 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

Important Note :- F07 and F08 are for acceleration and deceleration time , adjust them according to your application.

So after Making these settings and Control Wiring, Power on the Drive and Run the Machine . You will see that the same operation will be achieved as it was earlier with KEB Drive. However your application is different as told above you will need to make some more parameters settings and Control Terminal Connections.

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