May 3, 2011

Using High Speed Timer in Omron PLC Programming

In almost all of the plc program which we make timer is a essential part. In omron PLC the timer is generally of 100ms time base so we can have minimum resolution of 0.1 seconds only. But there are applications where timing is of much importance and in that case High Speed Timer proves Beneficial.

General Opearation of Timer in Omron PLC :-

First of all let us understand the functioning of timer in Omron PLC. All the timers in Omron PLC are Decrementing timer i.e when the timer input condition is off the timer specified by N is reset, i.e., the timer's PV is reset to the SV. When the input condition goes high than it starts decrementing the PV. The PV will continue timing down as long as the timer input remains ON and the timer's Com­pletion Flag will be turned ON when the PV reaches 0000 and timer goes high.

TIMH High Speed Timer BCD Type :-

TIMH Type timer have a base of 10ms for getting high resolution & efficiency. The minimum resolution can be achieved is of .01 seconds. The operation of this timer is same as told above and it is of BCD type that is you have to put the PV preceding by #.
Instruction Format :- TIMH A B
Where A is timer number and B is PV.

Example :- TIMH 01 #300

So when the input condition goes high than the PV starts decrementing and after 3 seconds it will be 0 and timer goes High.

TIMHX High Speed Timer BIN Type :-

This timer is same as told above but the PV which we have to specify is in Binary i.e you have to put the PV preceding by &.
Example :- TIMHX 02 &300
This timer will become high after 3 seconds.

Hope by using the above timers you can achieve better accuracy. If still you face any problem than you can write us in comment section. Also you can subscribe to get all latest updates in Omron PLC Programming.Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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