May 1, 2011

How To make Sink Type from Source Type PLC

As we all know that the Outputs in PLC are generally of two types Either Relay type or Transistor Type. Further if we distinguish then There are two types in Transistor Output Type PLC , either Sink type or Source type. Many times it happens that we have got a Source Type PLC and we require Sink type type Output for a particular application.

How to Convert Source Type Transistor Output To Sink Type Transistor Output in PLC :-
The Transistor type output PLC are used in applications when we need to used Pulse type Outputs i.e when we require to run a servo or Steeper Drive. As one case happened with me at site , I have to change the existing PLC , but the plc which was installed earlier was Sink Type and i was having Source Type. So accordingly i changed the wiring for all outputs and the work was Done. But there was one Servo Drive and that Servo can only accept Sink Type Pulses.

So anyhow i have to make first two outputs of PLC to give Sink type Output to run the Servo Motor. So today we will see how we can handle this situation. Suppose first two Outputs you have to use as pulse type and this terminal will give the servo drive pulses for running the servo Motor.

First of all short the Two outputs terminals i.e Y0 and Y1. Give 0 volt at terminal Y1 and take output from terminal Y0. Remember this type of connection will make the Source Type Output to act as Sink Type Transistor Output. All other left Outputs will still act as Source Type Outputs. Now make the PLC program and take out pulses from Y0 output terminal , you will see that Sink Pulses will be outputted.

See the Below Diagrammatic Representation of the Above thing for a better Understanding.

So this way you can easily convert Source type Transistor Output to Sink Type Transistor Output. This technique is very useful when you are at site and you can't get any other PLC to do the work , this works perfect and we have tested it.

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