Feb 11, 2011

Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q Series RS232 Communication with Omron NV HMI

As told earlier that NV HMI is capable of communicating with Mitsubishi PLC series. We already discussed the NV HMI communication with MELSEC-FX2N/FX3U/FX3UC Series PLC and NV HMI Communication with Mitsubishi MELSEC-FX1N Series. Here we will see the step by step procedure of configuration of NV HMI with Mitsubishi MELSEC - Q series PLC.

||Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q Series RS232 Communication with Omron NV HMI||

Omron NV HMI can be connected with MELSEC-Q series PLC either via Mitsubishi Serial Communications Module or through RS-232C Port on Q00 or Q01 CPU. Lets see the connection scheme for both the types.

Connecting to the MELSEC-Q Series (Serial Communications) :-
To connect via Serial Communication Module make the communication connections as shown below.

Mitsubishi Serial Communications Module---------------------------------NV HMI
PIN 2 (RD)-------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (SD)
PIN 3 (SD)-------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (RD)
PIN 5 (SG)-------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8 (SG)

Note :- Also short the PIN 4 with with PIN 6 , PIN 7 with PIN 8 at the PLC side.

Connecting to RS-232C Port on Q00 or Q01 CPU :-
Also the communication between NV HMI and Mitsubishi MELSEC- Q series PLC can be done via making connections at Mini DIN 6-pin connector on Mitsubishi PLC. Make the connections as shown below.

PLC DIN Connector------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN 1 (RD)-------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (SD)
PIN 2 (SD)-------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (RD)
PIN 3 (SG)-------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8 (SG)

Note :- Also short the PIN 5 with with PIN 6 , PIN 7 with PIN 8 at the PLC side.

Now after making the hardware connections as shown above we are done with the half part. Now we just have to make some Communication Parameter Settings at the HMI and PLC side.

||Settings in NV Designer for Communication With Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q Series PLC||
NV Designer is the HMI software used to make the screens in NV HMI. Open the NV designer software , Create a New Project and select the proper NV HMI Model which you are using and after that in PLC Type select "Select Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q (Serial Communication) Series" and then click Next and select System Memory Area accordingly.

Note :- Select Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q (Serial Communication) Series even when connected
directly to the RS-232C port on the Q00 or Q01 CPU.

Now we have to define Communication Parameters Both at HMI and PLC side. To set the Communication Parameters in the NV Designer go to PT----NV Configuration and under Communication Parameter Tab select baud Rate as 19200Kbps , Data Bit as 8 , Stop Bit 1 and Parity as Odd and check sum Enabled.

Note :- The NV-series PTs support QnA-compatible 4C frame type 4.

After making these settings , similar things have to be done in PLC Programming software of Mitsubishi PLC GX - Developer . Make the following communication parameter.
Station number---------->> 0
Baud rate---------->>19,200 bps
Data bits---------->> 8
Stop bits---------->> 1
Parity---------->> Odd
Checksum---------->> Enabled
Interface---------->> RS-232C
Communications protocol---------->> Type 4

After doing all the above steps you will be able to access the PLC internal bits and Data words through HMI. You can also subscribe to get all latest updates in yours Inbox.Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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