Feb 8, 2011

PLC Programming for Printing Machine - Omron Zen PLC

Here in this Post we will see the PLC Programming of a Printing Machine using the Omron Zen PLC. ZEN PLC by Omron is very micro PLC and can be used for small applications. In this Printing Machine there are four inputs and 4 outputs. The Logic of Operation according to the inputs conditions is as follows.

||PLC Programming for Printing Machine - Omron Zen PLC||

In this Printing Machine there are four Inputs and Four Outputs and the PLC Logic as Follows. When the Confirmation Input Is on , then there are Two sensor Inputs for the detection of Paper , these two inputs come at the same time , when these two inputs are on then the Cycle starts. There is One Input for Rotation . When Cycle Starts output Q0 is on and after Two Pulses of Rotation Input output Q1 is on , after 5 pulses Q2 on and after 8 pulses Q3 on. When the Signal for paper detection goes then the output starts becoming off exactly in the same manner as they were ON.

That is the off cycle is as , first Q0 off , after two pulses Q1 off , after 5 pulses Q2 off and after 8 pulses Q3 off. But what if the cycle is started and in between the Paper detection sensor signal goes? Well in this case the Cycle will continue but in a modified form that is outputs will become On one by one. Let us take one example , that cycle is started and when Q0 is on the paper detection signal goes , then after 2 pulse Q1 will on and Q0 will off , and After 5 pulses Q2 will on and Q1 will off and so on.

This application is designed using the Omron Zen PLC , as there are not Typical Instructions available in Zen PLC so the PLC Logic is purely made by Bit Logic. We have included both the.cxp and .pdf files.

Download PLC Program for Printing Machine.

Update :- Many users mailed us saying that the program has got some error , now that bug has been removed and You can Download the latest Version of PLC Program From Below.

Download New PLC Program for Printing Machine

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