Feb 11, 2011

NV HMI & Panasonic FP-X-series PLC Communication

Panasonic FP-X series PLC can be connected with NV HMI through RS232 or RS485/RS422 Mode. All the internal bits and Data Registers can be accessed through HMI and Application screens can be designed accordingly. Panasonic FP-X series PLC have Tool port and COM port through which connections can be made.

How to Connect Panasonic FP-X-series PLC Through Tool Port(RS232) :-

To make the connection via Tool Port on PLC with omron NV HMI we need a Mini DIN 5-pin
connector with loose wires at other End. Make the hardware connections as shown below.

PLC Tool Port---------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN 1 (SG)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8 (SG)
PIN 1 (SD)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (RD)
PIN 1 (RD)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (SD)

After making this connection we have to set the communication format setting in the PLC system registers. Make the following settings.
In the system register 410(Tool port unit number) set 1 , in register 412 (Modem connection) set No connection , in register 413 set Data length 8 bits, Parity check Enabled(odd), Stop bits 1 bit, End code CR (fixed) and Start code No STX (fixed).

Connecting to an FP-X-series PLC Through COM Port with NV HMI|RS232 Communication :-

The NV HMI communication with Panasonic FP series PLC can also be done through COM port on the PLC. Just make the connections as shown below.

PLC COM 1 -----------------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN SD--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5(RD)
PIN RD--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4(SD)
PIN SD--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8(SG)
Note:- Also short the RS and CS at the PLC side. Connect the RS and CS terminals on the AFPX-COM1.

Panasonic FP-X series PLC RS485 Communication with Omron NV HMI:-
There can be situation when some other external hardware devices are connected to Tool port and COM 1 , so we can have the Communication of NV HMI through RS485. Make the connections as shown below for RS485.

PLC COM 3-----------------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN S+ ------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (+SD)
PIN S- ------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (-SD)
NOTE-Short the Terminal 4 with 6 and Terminal 7 with 8. Turn ON pins 1 to 4 on the switch on the back of the AFPX-COM3.

Panasonic FP-X series PLC RS422 Communication with Omron NV HMI:-
Also you can make the connections using the RS422. Make the connections as shown below.

PLC COM 3---------------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN S+ ------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 6 (+RD)
PIN S- -------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 7 (-RD)
PIN R+ ------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (+SD)
PIN R- -------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (-SD)
NOTE-Short the Terminal 7 with 8. Turn OFF pins 1 to 3 and turn ON pin 4 on the switch on the back of the AFPX-COM3.

So you have got 4 choices to make the communication as you desire. After making the hardware connection we also have to define the Communication Settings at PLC and HMI side.

Communication Parameter Settings in HMI and PLC :-
Open the NV designer , it is used to make screens in NV HMI. Create a new Project in the PLC type select as "Panasonic FP Series." After this got to PT-------NV Configuration and make Baud Rate as 19200 Kbps , Data Bit as 8 , Stop Bit 1 and Parity as Odd.
PLC Communication settings have been told earlier.

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