Feb 18, 2011

Configure KEPServer For Allen Bradley DH+

KEP OPC Server is a very popular serve and allow connection to almost all the device using OPC. If you want to connect your PLC to a third party Software you can use KEP server OPC as it is one of the best in the Market. In this tutorial we will learn some basic steps and how to configure your KEPServer for Allen Bradley DH+ Protocol. The tutorial will tell you how to add a new channel in KEP server. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Configure KEPServer For Allen Bradley DH+

1.Open your Kepserver. If you don't have try Demo.

2.Now click on Click to Add Channel

3.You will get a New Channel Window. Name your Channel and click Next.

4.Select your Device Driver here we will use Allen Bradley DH+ Device Driver and do Next.

5. Now you will get the Optimization window, no need to modify it.

6.Now you will have to select your Interface Card configuration. Select accordingly and click Next and select your Network (DH+).See above image.

7. Now select Station ID for your Card. Say 0.Now click Next and also select Baud rate.

8. Now you will have to select Memory Address. Select your D. We have selected D4000. See above Image.

9. Select None as Interrupt Level. Or you can select according to your self.

10. Now you will see Summary of all these process. see it and if you want to make any change click back. After it you can add your Device as configuration is complete.

If you have any query in this tutorial please let us know. Till then Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email for more such Tutorials.

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  1. Thank you admin for the share. Was helpful. As a newbie, didnt understand the part where the memory address D4000 was assigned. Please clarify.

  2. @Syed for DH+ network you also need memory bit for communication.


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