Feb 18, 2011

Panasonic FP0/FP0R Series PLC & NV HMI Communication

NV HMI by Omron is capable of communicating with a wide range of PLC of different make. In our earlier articles we saw the NV HMI Communication with Panasonic FPΣ Series PLC and NV HMI & Panasonic FP-X-series PLC Communication. In this article we will see the step by step procedure of NV HMI communication with FP0/FP0R Series PLC .

Panasonic FP0/FP0R Series PLC and NV HMI Serial Communication :-
The NV HMI can be connected at Tool Port or COM 1 for RS232 Communication. We will see the connection diagrams for both the type of communication scheme.

FP0/FP0R-series Tool Port Connection with NV HMI
For making connections via Tool port we need a Mini DIN 5-pin connector. Just make the connections as shown below.

PLC Tool Port----------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN 1 (SG)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8 (SG)
PIN 2 (SD)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (RD)
PIN 3 (RD)-------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (SD)

FP0/FP0R-series COM Port Connection with NV HMI

PLC COM 1 -----------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
PIN S--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5(RD)
PIN R--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4(SD)
PIN G--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8(SG)

Now you can connect the PLC as per yours requirement , and we are done with the hardware connections , Just we have to define some of the communication parameters at both the HMI and PLC side.

Open NV HMI software , NV Designer it is used to develop screens in NV HMI. Just create a new project and in the PLC type select as "Panasonic FP Series." After this got to PT-------NV Configuration and make Baud Rate as 19200 Kbps , Data Bit as 8 , Stop Bit 1 and Parity as Odd.

Also make the following Communication Parameters settings at the PLC side.
Communications mode------>> Computer link
Baud rate------>> 19,200 bps
Data bits------>> 8
Stop bits------>> 1 Parity Enabled, odd
End code------>> CR
Start code------>> No STX
Unit number------>> 1
Modem connection------>> No connection

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