Jan 21, 2011

SMS Sending Script For SCADA Using GSM Modem

Every SCADA has a facility that they can send SMS with the use of of SCADA script which can be VB or SCADA own script bu using a GSM MODEM. We have told you in our earlier article how to Send SMS through SCADA using GSM MODEM but in that we have only given you the Procedure with AT commands used in SMS sending. If you are enable to make your own SMS sending SCADA script then here is one example for you, Use this script to send SMS to a defined Number. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email. We have used here Omron CX- Supervisor SCADA but you can use your own SCADA. Later on in new article we will also tell you how to Send SMS through Wonderware Intouch SCADA using GSM Modem.

Procedure for sending SMS Using CX- Supervisor SCADA Using GSM Modem

1. First of all Open your SCADA software and take a Push button On it.

2. Now Put the Below script in that button. You can see how to Put Script in Button.

SetupCOMPort 3, "9600,N,8,1", 0, 13, TRUE, 3
OpenCOMPort 3

'Set the operating mode of the GSM modem
AtString = "AT+CMGF=1"
OutputCOMPort 3, AtString

'Set the telephone number to send to
quotemark = Chr(34)
AtString = "AT+CMGS=" + quotemark + phonenumber + quotemark
OutputCOMPort 3, AtString

'Send the sms message
AtString = SMSMessage
OutputCOMPort 3, AtString

'Finish the message and close the port
AtString = Chr(26)
OutputCOMPort 3, AtString

CloseCOMPort 3

1Here we have taken ComPort 3 and Baud rate 9600 you can configure according to your self.
2.AtString, SMSMessage and quotemark are the SCADA points using SCADA memory.
Source: Omron.
3. You also have to setup your GSM Modem in your Computer. Setup from Device Manager.

We have tried this script and it is working fine to send SMS to a Mobile No. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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