Jan 22, 2011

Free SCADA Software Download

If you are newbie in Industrial Automation or a students of some Automation course and searching for some free SCADA software then we should tell you that none of the SCADA software is free and you can have the demo of Some SCADA software for your personal use and trial. There are many sites which will promise to give free SCADA software but none is free and all are demo version. You can try them and then can buy there License. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

As we found in the internet there is only one Free SCADA that is open project from michael_tutin in sourceforge.net . It is small application with only 4.5MB size. You can find that free SCADA in sourceforge.net and can try that. But when we tried it we found very difficult in making application in it. For a new user of SCADA we don' recommend to use it. Though a Professional can somehow use it for there experiments.

This SCADA has features like MODBUS, OPC, Remote Connection for SCADA, etc but it don't have graphics library and also is not so user friendly. Even there is no tutorial how to use this software, so it is very difficult to use.

It will require a lot of time to play with this SCADA and build your applications, there is no user name configuration, and also in its designer mode there is no option to run the application. But as this SCADA is of few bits and free we cannot except much form this. Overall you can try and can give your comments too. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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