Jan 21, 2011

Future Machines - Industrial Automation 2020

In this scenario of Industrial Automation where the Machines Automation has become an integrated part , can we guess How will be the future Machines ? When the customer requirements, expectations grows the machine builders have to develop new machines with latest technologies with extra improved functionality. One force that drives all Machine Builders is the "Growing Need" of their clients.
Future Machines - Industrial Automation In 2020 :-

As the Machines manufacturers now produce machines to produce one product , machines becoming more compact , Cheaper but the All still designed for one specific one product. And this is going to change in next 10 years for sure. With the introduction of miniaturized servos , which can run at same power level for basic operation and have the capability of doing less frequent but Heavier Tasks. Intelligent servo amplifiers along with Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders there will be more to see in integrated motion.

Future Awaits For Machines :-
As with growth of wireless communication, Machines in 2020 will have more and more wireless sensors that have the capability to send and receive real-time wireless signals from the hand-held devices and of course smart phones included.

If we believe Mr. Hattin then according to him the prices will be going much down by 2020 and a six axis SCARA robot which presently costs $20,000 will be available at $3000 by 2020, so what ? Yes by 2020 all the manual manufacturing which is presently done by Humans will be replaced by ROBOTS.

Also if we see broadly , then many problems which we face now in many applications will no longer be a barrier by 2020. Let us take one example, In metal milling the heat generated due to friction is barrier in cutting speed. What if this problem can be eliminated ? Yes we will be able to achieve Higher cutting Speeds , Longer tool life and increased metal removal.

MAG Industrial Automation Systems has already demonstrated a new cooled machining method which uses through-spindle, through-tool, multi-patent-pending system that cools its cutting edge in a more efficient way. And with this technique they already achieved 60% increase in Cutting Speed , So I dont think the day is far when results will be far better .

Several Machine Builders had started to think out of the box and to do beyond the present limits. If we see 10-15 years before then 200 pressure-sensitive labels per minute was a dream BUT now its just a medium speed with 600 pressure-sensitive labels per minute in new high speed and this will again become a medium speed by 2020.

So with the advancement of new technology day by day we are really excited about the future of machines, aren't you? Let us know in the comment section what you you think about where will be Industrial Automation by 2020?
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