May 14, 2013

Delta DVP-SX PLC Manual

DVP-SX is a special function PLC unit. This series PLC is a 10-point (4DI+2DO+2AI+2AO) special main processing unit. Besides the same commands and functions as DVP-SA/SX/SC series, 2-CH 12-bit analog voltage/current input and 2-CH 12-bit analog voltage/current output are all bipolar. In DCP_SX, there is built-in 7-segment 2-digit display corresponds to internal register directly to display PLC station or user-defined code. This PLC also has error indicator and whenever an error occurs, the display will blink and show “Er” and “01” or “02” alternately (01 indicates syntax error and 02 indicates PLC program loss). Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

This manual contains electrical specification, installation, input/output wiring of DVP-SX PLC, Safety wiring, analog wiring in multi-language. This PLC can be programmed using WPLSoft, which is standard PLC programming software for Delta PLC and is freely available for all.

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Download Delta DVP-SX Manual

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