Apr 22, 2013

Know about Omron Remote Assistance

Remote assistance is a software which helps in taking remote session of other PC or system from remote location. In automation industries, this software is very useful for all commissioning engineer who are troubleshooting remotely. Now with every Omron CX-Supervisor V3, Omron Remote Assistance is also provided for free and if you are using old version and want to get this software, you can get it from Omron official website. This software is provided by Teamviewer, one of the market leaders in remote desktop control. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

TeamViewer Remote Assistance for Omron

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First of all you will need to have this software installed on your system or PC or Laptop client and main machine, whatever device you are using. You can also use your IPad, Android device to connect to remote site, though you will have to install different application for that.

To get this software first go to MyOmron.com and then click on Download tab. The route path for this software is /downloads/4.Products/Software/RemoteAssistance/.

This software can also be downloaded from Teamviewer.com official Website and it will also not contain Omron watermark to it.

Omron Remote Assistance

Now when you have installed this software, the software will try to connect to the Internet. If you have your firewall enabled or have any antivirus which ask to allow this application, then please allow it. After successful connection, it will show you a green indicator and will also generate user ID and password for you as shown above.

Note: This User ID and password is of Client machine

Now you can use this user ID and password from main laptop or PC to connect the client remote machine of whose password and user it you have. This is a very secure connection and if TeamViewer is not running on clinet machine, then you cannot connect to it. Now once you are connected to the remote PC, you can do your troubleshooting, program editing in that particular PC like you are using your own PC.

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