Nov 18, 2012

Extend Cycle Time for Omron CP1E PLC

If you want to extend maximum cycle time for your CP1E PLC for a particular cycle, then you can do this by use of WDT instruction. This instruction extends the maximum cycle time, but only for the cycle in which the instruction is executed and can be used to prevent errors for long cycle times when a longer cycle time is temporarily required for special processing. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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WDT(094) instruction can be used with sub-routines, interrupt tasks and step program area. This instruction can be used to prevent a cycle time error, when there are circumstance that the cycle time will increase due to a temporary increase in processing data. The watchdog timer setting in the PLC Setup is extended by an interval of T × 10 ms (0 to 1,000 ms).

Syntax: WDT(094) [T]

where T is timer setting which specifies the watchdog timer setting between 0000 and 0064 hexadecimal or between &0000 and &0100 decimal.

For execution of this instruction you must setup the PLC timer setting which are present in PLC setting as shown below.

Note: WDT(094) can be used more than once in a cycle. When WDT(094) is executed more than once the cycle time extensions are added together, although the total must not exceed 1,000 ms. If WDT(094) cannot be executed again if the cycle has already been extended to 1,000 ms.

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