Nov 28, 2012

Best Free Web Based Online SCADA Software

SCADA is software for monitoring and control of the various process and applications running in the plant. We have discussed much about various SCADA Software earlier. Today we will see a web based SCADA for online monitoring of the applications. Yes! you are correct , its a online web based SCADA software. Integraxor have a web based scada which you can use to create the SCADA projects online. Let us discuss it in detail.

Free Web Based Online SCADA Software

Online Web Based SCADA - INTEGRAXOR :-

Yes, Integraxor has developed a online web SCADA which you can use to develop the SCADA projects for your applications. But the question is why we need to use a online SCADA, when we have a lot of other SCADA software's available. There are many advantages with the online SCADA such as we can remotely view , monitor and control the devices. We do not have to go the site location when there is any problem, we can simply connect to it online and resolve the issues.

The main advantage is that we can save time and money with the web based SCADA , suppose that is there is any problem at the site where your SCADA software is installed then you have to go there to resolve the issues. But with the web based INTEGRAXOR scada software you can connect to it online and troubleshoot the problems and can save both time and money.

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To use the online SCADA just log in to and you can download the software demo versoin. This software has got almost all the features which most popular other SCADA software's are offering. It has project work space where you can create the screens where we can create the buttons , trends , alarms as per your application demand. Also you can view the demo of this SCADA software at Various sample scada screens are provided for better understanding.

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