Nov 9, 2011

Advantages/Benefits of Servo Motor Over Induction Motor

We have discussed about the servo basics and servo control terminology in the previous article. We have studied about the different components of a servo control. Today in this post we will see that what are the advantages that we get by using the servo motor over the AC Induction motor. This article is in continuation to previous one and here we will learn more about servo control.

Servo Motor V/S AC Induction Motor :-
Let us first of all see that what are the advantages of using the servo motor. Why it is that Servo Motor gives better efficiency for many applications. Suppose that an Induction motor is connected to run a grinder at full speed , we can expect to get some level of performance in this case. But is same grinder is run through Servo Motor we will get the next level of performance.So how it is achieved? Let us discuss in detail.

As we have discussed in previous post that a servo motor is always used with a control and feedback device. The servo control issues the command for the position and the feedback device monitors the load and inform the servo control so that the control can correct the position if there is any error.

Advantages of Servo Motor Over Induction Motor :-

1. Increased Performance :- A servo motor has got more acceleration rate and higher speed capabilities compared to induction motor and thus allowing the enhancing the production rate of the machine.

2. Smaller Size :- Servo motor has the higher output torque rating for the same size of the rotor. Thus Servo motor can be installed in place where space is prime concern.

3. Less Weight :- Weight of the Induction Motor is more than the servo motor for the same rating.

4. Highly Efficient :- A servo motor is designed in such a way to have peak efficiency and thus a better power conversion factor and thus saving the power.

5. Quick Positioning :- Servo motor can be issued command to move accurately to desired position in very less time , this is not possible with Induction motor.

6. High Degree of Accuracy :- In critical applications where we need the accuracy in microns or mm , servo motor can provide it as it is designed for highly precise positioning.

7. Control-ability :- Last but not the least , as servo control is used along with the servo motor thus a full control is achieved over the servo motor.

Also one major point to note here is that the power by servo motor is utilized only when a position move command is issued to servo motor and rest of the times servo motor is normally turned off , thus a large amount of power is saved.

We hope that after reading this article about the servo motors , we have come one step ahead. In the next article we will discuss about the Permanent magnet DC Motor and AC Brush less Motor. Till then you can subscribe to get all latest updates via E Mail.
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