Oct 4, 2011

Run VFD at Different Frequencies through Terminal

Variable frequency Drives are used in a wide variety of applications. Almost all the industries use VFD for Speed control of the Motor. The most common method of controlling the speed of the motor is achieved with connecting POT to drive. However in this method we need to have operator to control the Speed.

But in this world of Automation where all machines are Auto Driven, there comes need to change the speed of Motor on its own. So for this situation there is feature in Drive for Preset Speed Settings where the frequency changes automatically depending on the Input Terminals State.

How to Configure Baldor VFD for Preset Multi Speed :-
Baldor manufactures VFD which is very popular in the Industry for their reliable operation and high efficiency. Today in this post we will see that how can we program the VFD/Drive/Inverter for Multi Preset Speeds. Earlier We have discussed about the Multi Speed Settings in Omron JX Drive..For this purpose see the below step by step procedure

I. Connect the Input supply to the VFD and then we will make the parameter settings in the drive.

Parameter For Multi Speed Run in Baldor VFD:-

In Baldor VS1MD series VFD there are 3 terminals for assigning the Multi Speed Function and thus we can achieve 7 different preset speeds depending on the Input conditions at these terminals.

The parameter settings for these is as below :-

Parameter Name ----------------------------------------------------Value
T6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5
T7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6
T8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7

So, the terminal P6, P7 and P8 will be configured as Preset Speed terminals with the above parameter settings. Now we need to define the Preset Speed Values for each Input Combination. As there are 3 terminals defined so we can achieve 8 different preset speeds in VFD.

Parameter Name -------------------------------------------------Value
P40 ---------------------------------------------------------------Preset Speed 1
P43----------------------------------------------------------------Preset Speed 2
P44----------------------------------------------------------------Preset Speed 3
P45 ---------------------------------------------------------------Preset Speed 4
T10----------------------------------------------------------------Preset Speed 5
T11----------------------------------------------------------------Preset Speed 6
T12----------------------------------------------------------------Preset Speed 7
T13----------------------------------------------------------------Preset Speed 8

Above Parameter configuration in the drive will lead to the frequency/Speed at each input condition. Now we are done with the Parameter settings in the VFD. We have to make the wiring accordingly at the Drive terminal P6 , P7 and P8.

The above diagram shows that at which input combination which preset speed will be active in drive. For Example: - If terminal P7 and P8 are high then the preset speed 6 will be active i.e the frequency set in Parameter T12 will be active and drive will run at that frequency.

Important Note: - The Run command should be active/High before any preset speed operation could occur.

Baldor VFD Wiring for Multi Preset Speed Function:-
After setting the Parameters in drive as told above, power off the VFD and then we have to make the connection at I/O terminals. As discussed above there are three terminals P6, P7 and P8 defined for this purpose. Also we will use terminal P1 as for Run Command of Drive.

There is one CM terminal at Drive I/O, whenever this terminal is connected with any other then that will be a high signal. So we have to make wiring accordingly.

For Example:- The Run Command will be received by the drive when CM is short with P1.

After making the wiring, power On the VFD and give the RUN command and then make the input combination and Preset Speed Terminals P6, P7 and P8 and run the VFD as per your application demand.

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