Oct 4, 2011

Connecting Baldor VS1PF Drive to PC with Help of USB to RS485 Kit

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a demonstration of connecting a USB to RS485 Cable kit from a Personal Computer to the Baldor VS1PF drive. The VS1PF provides ability to gain traditional energy savings achieved by controlling centrifugal loads with a variable frequency drive while implementing unique algorithms that further reduce energy consumed by your application. There are certain steps which must be follow to achieve this connection. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Steps to be followed :-

1. Connect the USB cable to your computer and plug the other side to the USB to 485 Converter.
2. Set the USB Converter Switches for RS485 2-Wire Connection.
3. Wire from the Converter to the drive inputs C- and C+ making sure that the polarity of wires matches.
4. Wire from the GND on the Converter to the CM on the drive terminal.

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