Oct 24, 2011

Omron E2C-EDA Proximity Sensor Features and User Manual

Omron, a global leader in sensing technology has recently launched a new range of digital proximity sensors. The E2C-EDA series of proximity sensor are best in class with a lots of new features. This has got a separate amplifier unit. This digital proximity sensor series has got all typr of sensor heads from thin(3mm) to flat sensor heads such that the space for installation is not a problem. Also it has got flexible cable and can also generate a alarm output in case of open circuit and thus making troubleshooting easy. E2C-EDA high resolution digital proximity sensor finds it uses in application demanding Height inspection, Gap inspection or for positioning measurement.

E2C-EDA High Resolution Proximity Features :-
E2C-EDA series sensor has got very high resolution and repeat accuracy of 1um and has got flat temperature characteristics. It has got a separate amplifier unit which has two large , easy to read LED displays. One displays shows the detected value while other shows the threshold value. Various teaching methods available to set the threshold value. It has got a connector for connecting sensor head to the amplifier unit. Fine and precise positioning is possible with this sensor. Also this sensor have the feature for preventing mutual interference between different sensor and many sensor can be connected very close to each other in the same

Specification /Installation and Opearation Manual for E2C-EDA Proximity Sensor
The installation procedure , various teaching methods can be found out in the User Manual of this sensor. Also the information about the different types of models such as twin output model or external input model can be found in this manual. Information about different type of sensor heads and diameter is also there in this user manual. You can get the Operation and Installation manual from below.

User Manual For Omron E2C-EDA

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