Oct 22, 2011

Delta Released WPLSoft 2.20.11 Latest Version

As we all know that WPL Soft is used for the programming of delta series of PLC. In fact every Delta PLC can be programmed by two software either WPL Soft or ISP Soft. Delta recently launched the Updated version of WPL SOft. In this new version some features are added and some shortcuts are alo replaced. Also the amount of Data monitoring has been increased up to 256 data that can be monitored at a single time.

Delta PLC Latest Programming Software :-
A lot of new features like "Load Cell Module" button has been added. CP2000 model is also added in the library of PLC. Now CP2000 can be programmed using the WPL Soft 2.20.11 version. Also the Compiler settings option has been also added in this new version of WPL Soft. To provide a good look to the programming environment a option for changing the background colour of the "Ladder Diagram" has been added in the set colour of fonts and ladder. So overall this updated version has got some good features from the previous version of WPL Soft.

How to get Latest WPLSoft 2.20.11 Version Software :-
Yes as always Delta provides its software for free to all its customers , this time you can download it for free from Delta website or alternatively you can download it from below.

Get WPLSoft 2.20.11

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