May 27, 2011

Installation Procedure of P&F Double Sheet Sensor

P&F Ultrasonic sensor are very famous in the Industry for their smooth and reliable operation. Various Types of Ultrasonic sensor are there in the Market by P&F which are making the task easier for Industries. Double Sheet sensor is one of the sensor which has proved its usefulness in Paper and Printing Industry.

P&F Double Sheet Sensor UDB-18GM35-3E2 Specifications :-

This Sensor is widely used in Printing Industry for the detection of Sheets. This sensor provides three Outputs i.e 1 output for NO Sheet , another Output for "Single Sheet" and third output for "Double Sheet". This is an Ultrasonic Sensor so it can even detect pasted double sheet and also the thin metal and plastic films. This sensor has got very quick response time so that the high Processing speed can be achieved.Teach In Signal also available for programming of the thickness of sheet.

The sensor has got three parts i.e one emitter and 1 receiver and One Signal Unit Box that connects these Emitter and Receiver and also provides the No sheet , Single Sheet and Double Sheet Output. This Sensor needs 20-30VDC power supply to operate and gives PNP type output.

Input power Connections in P&F UDB-18GM35-3E2 :-

The Input Supply is to be connected at S1 Connector at Pin 1 and Pin 3. Connect + 24V DC at at Pin No 1 and -24V DC at Pin No 3. Also you can make out the Pin Number by Wire Colours. Mostly the Blue wire is for Negative or Common and Brown Wire is for Positive.

Mounting and Installation Procedure for P&F UDB-18GM-3E2 Double Sheet Sensor :-

The most important thing in this type of sensor is that there should be a proper angle between the emitter and receiver ,i.e the angle should be around 20 to 45 degree. Also the Distance between the emitter and receiver head should be from 20 to 80 mm. Also the the emitter should be at Down position and the paper should be almost 10 - 15 mm above Emitter and Receiver at Up Position.
The things told in above paragraph are very important for this Double Sheet Sensor , if the Angle between emitter and receiver is not proper then the sensor will not give proper output. So make sure to have proper angle and the other Installation Things in mind which we told.

How to Teach In P&F Double Sheet Sensor :-

Well to teach In the Ultrasonic sensor there is one signal for Teach IN. This can be used for Teaching of the Sensor BUT there is one also another method for this purpose. Just place the Sheet between Emitter & Receiver which we want to teach the sensor and re-cycle the power , so this sheet will be automatically programmed. Also whenever the Sheet is changed just repeat the above procedure.

We hope that the settings told above helped you to install the p&f double sheet sensor correctly , if you still face any problem then you can write to us in comment section.

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