May 28, 2011

Direct Link Communication Through USB Host In Delta

Well sometimes it happens that PLC is installed in a far cabinet and its very difficult to connect the programming cable OR it may even happen that we dont have the PLC Programming Cable ir also there can be any other reason. We have got a Solution for all these issues. Now with one simple USB cable we can monitor both the HMI and PLC programs. Also we can up-load and Download the PLC program without even connecting the PLC Programming Cable.

Connecting PLC to PC without Programming Cable :-

This function in Delta is called Direct Link Function , for this we need to have the PLC connected with HMI. Then we will connect the HMI with our Laptop and we can monitor both the PLC and HMI programs simultaneously with a single cable.
With this feature we can Download/Upload the PLC Program without even having the need of programming cable and also simultaneously monitor the PLC & HMI Program. Direct Link Feature allows the programmer to Connect Directly to PLC with the Help of HMI i.e we bypass the HMI.

How to Set Up DirectLink Communication in Delta :-

For setting up the Direct Link function all we need is that make the PLC program and after that got to Options and in Communication Set up just make the communication type as Direct Link. And then go online. Make sure that the Usb cable form PC to HMI and PLC and HMI cable are connected properly. You will see that you can download the plc program in delta plc through usb cable by using direct link communication mode.

See Below Video for a better Understanding.

Important Note :- If you are using the DOP-AE Series HMI than you have to activate the Bypass Mode through system menu.

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