Apr 29, 2017

How To Set & Release Omron PLC Password

Every PLC has a feature to lock the program and Data Words inside the PLC, so that no one else can see and copy the program made by you. We do a hard job to make PLC Programs and thus also wants that no one else should take the credit of our hard work. In this article we will see "how to set and release the password in Omron PLC".

How to Put Password in Omron PLC

To set the password in Omron PLC like CPM2A, CP1E, CP1H etc., first make your program and after that in the left hand side project workspace is there. Right click on the PLC name and select Properties and Under protection tab you can set the PLC Password.

See below picture for a better Understanding.

Omron PLC Password

You can also Release the Password.

To release the password just Select PLC tab -- Protection and then click on Release password. Once you have set the password in Omron PLC for Program and memory data then no one can Upload the PLC program without knowing the password. Also, the password will always be saved in the program and you can see it if you forgot what password you have put.

Also check out the Step by step procedure for removing PLC Password.

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  1. thanks man, but did not undrestand can you help me to find password of omron NS5-SQ10-V2 STEP BY STEP? AND HOW TO SAVE DATA OF MY PLC please email me to tadjeroutsidali@gmail.com i will pay you for that thanks so much

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  3. A programmable controller (PLC) has a microprocessor and controls the device through custom user programs. A PLC receives signals from the input device and decides to depend on the custom program to control the output device. Ladder Logic is a popular graphical programming language and is widely used for PLC programming in general. Omron PLC programming software, such as CX-Programmer, is used for programming on a PC and machine control.

    The PLC works in a very subtle way as the input and output devices are connected to the input and output section of the PLC. The user program determines how the output device works based on the condition of the input device. The status of the user program and the input and output devices are stored in the PLC’s internal memory.

    Your article was useful .


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