Mar 16, 2011

Replacing Baldor DBSC Drive with Flex Drive

Badlor earlier used to manufacture DBSC servo drive , but now this model is obsolete and is no longer is produced by Baldor. But there are many industries where still DBSC servo drive is connected and there are chances that when it malfunctions than we have to replace it with Baldor new range of servo drives i.e flex family of Servo Drive.

Using Flex Servo Drive In Place of Old DBSC Servo Drive :-
So if there is DBSC servo drive connected in any of your machine and you want to replace it with Flex Family servo Drive , then follow the below steps.
First of all check the Baldor Servo Motor catalog number and Note it down. Now remove the Input power connections and Servo Motor Power Wires. Also remove the resolver cable.
After that Note Down the Connection of Connector X3 and note them down properly.

Now Connect the Flex Drive , Connect Power and Servo Motor Wires , and encoder cable. Make the connections as similar to in DBSC Drive connector X3.
If you see at the left hand top side then there are Dip Switches , Put ON Dip s/w 8.

Now Power on the Flex Drive , and Open the WorkBench Software and Auto-Tune the Flex Servo Drive . We already posted about the Step by Step Procedure for Auto-tuning of Baldor Servo Drive.

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