Mar 15, 2011

Baldor Servo Drive Auto-Tuning/Installation Procedure

Baldor Electric is a well known name in Servo Motor and Drives. There are four major series of servo drives by Baldor namely as Flex , Flex + , Micro Flex and Mint Drive. All Baldor Servo Drives can be Auto-Tuned by the Programming software called as Workbench. Through this Software you can easily Auto-Tune and adjust gain and other parameters of Servo Drive according to the application.

How to Install Baldor Flex/Micro Flex Servo Drive :-
First of all make proper power connections at Servo Drive side. Connect the Motor U V W wires at correct terminals. Also connect properly the Encoder Cable , there should not be any loose connections and dry soldering in Servo Drive Encoder cable. Also make sure that Motor power and Encoder Cable shield is connected to ground at one side.

How to Auto-Tune the Baldor Flex/Microflex Servo Drive:-
Now after making the proper connections , we are ready to Auto-Tune the servo Drive. First of all install the Workbench Software. Every Servo-Drive comes with a CD and this Software is there in CD. After Installing the Software you will Need the Programming Cable. We already posted about the Programming Cable Connection Details.

Connect the Programming Cable and open Workbench Software. Note down two things earlier that what is the maximum RPM and PPR of encoder. After opening the Workbench Software , click on start a new project.After this a window will open and you can scan the connected servo drive. ( Note :- Make sure that cable is connected and drive is powered up). The software will automatically detect the Connect servo Drive.

After that you will see the controller found , select this and click on Select. After this the commissioning Wizard will open automatically , here in the first step select the type of Servo Motor connected with servo drive i.e whether the servo motor is Rotary Brush less or linear brush less type. Then Click Next and in this window Write the Model Number of the Servo Motor connected with Servo Drive. After this we have to define the Operating Mode of Servo Drive i.e Speed , Position or Current Mode.

After this the Auto-Tune window will open up , generally first of all OFF-Load auto tuning is done , so make sure that servo motor is not coupled with load. And first start Auto-tuning off-load. When the Off-load Auto-tuning is over , check the box at the top right side and perform on load auto-tuning. Make sure that Servo Motor Shaft is coupled with Load when doing On Load Auto-Tuning.

Now the Servo Motor is Tuned according to the Motor Parameters. If you see at the left side in Workbench Software , then there is Parameters Tab , here you can adjust the Analog Input

Also for testing purpose you can Jog the servo motor in both the directions and at your rated speed.

Also if explore out the Workbench Software then there are many other advanced features and you can adjust the gain and many other parameters according to yours application. We will be discussing more about the advanced features in our next post , till then you can subscribe to get all updates in yours Inbox.
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