Mar 21, 2011

Intouch DDE Settings For Excel Communication

Some where you require in industrial Automation to generate your report for your Tags in Excel. For that you first have to configure a excel sheet with your Intouch SCADA application. In this tutorial you will learn how to configure your Intouch SCADA for Excel communication for generation of your reports. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Intouch DDE Settings For Excel Communication

1. You already know how to create a simple Application in Intouch SCADA.

2.Now go to Tag Directory Which Shortcut key is CTRL+T or you can simply create a # and can go to its property and assign a value display or user input property and can create a tag from there.

3. It will ask you to define a Tag. Click OK to Define. See above image.

4.Now after creating a Tag, Click on TYPE and select I/O Message a Tag Type.

5.Now you will have to create Access Name for your DDE communication. Click on Access Name and add new Access Name there.

6. Now fill below settings for new Access name.
Access:- Any Name
Node name:- If your Excel file is in some other PC you can put its name here Or left Blank.
Application Name: Put Excel
Topic name:- Put [At.xls]sheet1
Protocol:- DDE

7.Now save your Setting and now put Your Excel Row and column name where you want to save your tag Value at Item Name. See Image.

Now you have done all the setting required for DDE Communication of Excel with Wonderware Intouch. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email for more Wonderware Intouch Tutorial and Help.

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  1. Hello ,
    I am using SCADA of Intouch ,every thing is working OK but sometimes it got hang i.e.not any changes done in screens/status

  2. May be there is some issue with your Laptop/Desktop and program is not getting enough resources.

  3. Incomplete is this. Initially you said that you are creating a # with Automation-talk but after that you changed the tagname to AT and u created a i/o message box which is a string type.


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