Feb 1, 2011

PLC to GSM Modem Communication Cable Connection Diagram

In many Applications we required to Connect GSM Modem to PLC for Communication purpose. GSM Modems are Now a days becoming Very popular as they now come with RS232 Port and can be Communicated with PLC. Most of the General Purpose GSM Modems communicate with PLC with No Protocol Mode i.e we have to simple Send and receive Data through the RS232 port.

||Communication Cable Connection Diagram for Connecting GSM Modem to PLC

The Communication cable Required for Connecting the Modem with the PLC is same as a simple Cross RS232 cable but with a little Modification. Mostly all of the Modems Support the cable which we are going to make.
As there is RS232 Port at both the PLC and Modem Side, mostly is D-Type Male.
See the Below Picture for Connection Diagram for GSM MODEM Cable.

If you see properly then it is a simple cross RS232 cable the only thing which have to be done extra is that you have to short PIN 4 and PIN5 at PLC side and also shorting of PIN7 and PIN8 at the modem side.

Note :- We recommend to use a Shielded Cable for making this Communication cable and connect the shield to body of connector at one side.

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