Feb 1, 2011

NV HMI Host Connection With Allen Bradley SLC ,MicroLogix PLC

NV HMI by Omron is capable of Host Connection with Many PLC's. In the earlier article we saw NV HMI Modbus Communication Set up Procedure. Now in this article we will discuss the NV HMI Host Connection Procedure with Allen Bradley Range of PLC.

NV HMI Host Connection With Allen Bradley SLC and Micrologix 1000 :-

First of let us see the Cable Connection Diagram for Connecting Cable Between SLC - 5/03, 5/04 and NV HMI for Rs232 communication. There is D type Connector at PLC side and 8 terminals at HMI side.

PLC D Type Connector-----------------------------------------------------NV HMI
Pin 2 (RD)--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (SD)
Pin 3 (SD)--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (RD)
Pin 5 (SG)--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8 (FG)

Note :- Short the Pin 7 and 8 at PLC Side D type Connector , also short Pin6 and Pin4 with Pin 1 at the PLC side.

Make the Connecting Cable as shown above for connection of NV HMI with Allen Bradley SLC -5/03.

Communication Cable Diagram for AB MicroLogix 1000 with NV HMI Omron :-
MicroLogix PLC by Allen Bradley has Round Type RS232 Port , Make the Connecting Cable accordingly as shown Below for RS232 Communication :-

PLC Round RS232 ---------------------------------------------------------NV HMI
Pin 2 (SD)--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 5 (RD)
Pin 3 (RD)--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 4 (SD)
Pin 5 (SG)--------------------------------------------------------------------Terminal 8 (FG)

Make the Connecting cable for RS232C communication as shown above and connect accordingly at the PLC side and HMI side.
Now we have to make some settings in NV HMI software. NV Designer is used for making screens in NV HMI. Open the NV Designer Software and Create a New Project , Select the Proper Model of NV HMI which you are using and then in PLC Model Type select "Allen Bradley SLC-500 MicroLogix Series" and click next and select System Memory Area accordingly. See the below picture for a better understanding.

Note :- Click on the Picture for a Better Enlarged View.

After Selecting the Proper PLC Model as told above , we have to make some communication parameter settings. In the NV Designer Software click on PT --- NV Configuration and then here Under Communication Parameter Tab select NV Unit Number as 1, PLC unit Number as 0 and Baud Rate as 19,200 , Data Bit 8 , Parity - None and Stop Bit as 1. See the below picture for a better understanding.

Note :- Click on the Picture for a Better Enlarged View.

Now we are done with settings in NV designer , now you can make the Screens as per your application.

Settings in RSLogix for RS232 Communication with NV HMI :-
Now we have to make some simple Communication Parameters setting at PLC side also as we did in NV Designer for HMI. Make the following Communication parameter settings .

Baud Rate -19,200 bps , Parity - None ,Stop Bits -1 , Data Bits - 8, Communication Driver - DF1 Full Duplex , Control Line - No Handshaking, Error Detection - CRC , Embedded Responses - Enabled , Duplicate Packet Detect - Enable.
Now we are done with all the necessary settings to be done for RS232 Communication between Omron NV HMI and AB SLC MicrLogix series PLC.

You can make HMI screens as per your application and assign any Bit Address as per your need, you will be able to access all PLC Bits and Integer values through HMI now. Keep in Mind to make the Communication Cable properly.
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