Jan 15, 2011

What is SCADA Security

SCADA Security is the term which can be related to many Security issue of SCADA. As we all know that we have Security feature in SCADA which allow us to make SCADA more secure by configuring User name and password in SCADA for different level of User, we have already told how to configure User name in Omron CX-Supervisor SCADA. One more type of SCADA security we can deal is how to protect the SCADA system from free use or how to save SCADA from being Cracked. For this many SCADA provider like Omron, Realflex provide a Security key in a form of USB dongle which is more secure and safe. But Crackers has also find a way to crack those SCADA dongles. And applied reverse engineering in SCADA dongles. They are providing virtual dongle for SCADA in a very low Cost. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.
SCADA security may be the process of making SCADA Application secure so that no one can break its barrier. In the case of Wireless SCADA,SCADA security is very important as Some one can hacked the SCADA system by entering in the same radio link.

Thus we can Summarize SCADA security as

1.SCADA security of SCADA Application.
2.SCADA security of Wireless SCADA.
3.SCADA security of SCADA software from being Cracked.
4.SCADA security in form of User name from restricting unauthorized access.

We will post more information on SCADA security and how to secure SCADA system, till then you can Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email .

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