Jan 15, 2011

SCADA Security In CX- Supervisor Omron SCADA

CX- Supervisor, SCADA from Omron provide a lot of Security features from Login Security to CX- Supervisor software in the form of Dongle. It has different level of security from Designer to operator. You can set different user name and password for different level of people and also can create number of new Login and passwords in CX-Supervisor. In our previous article we told you how to configure user name in CX-Supervisor, so here is no need to tell that. CX- supervisor has different Security scripts which you can use and apply to your SCADA application to make it more secure at different levels. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.
In CX-Supervisor you can put different security script like Login and Log-out Scripts so that only authorized person can have access to SCADA application. Like if we have some Water Treatment Plant SCADA system and want that only a particular operator is allowed to open any Water Treatment Valve, then we will give him a secure user name and password which he can use to login and then open or close the valve in Water treatment plant.
We can also put security to the Valve or any other ON/OFF switch which we will discuss in our new article where we will give detail description, so that when that button is clicked then it will prompt for the password or say's user that your security level is too low. Our it can also say unauthorized access depending upon the application and what the Client want.
Soon we will publish our article where we will discuss about the different SCADA scripts used for Security purpose, till then Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.
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