Jan 17, 2011

Learn Free PLC Programming - PLC Logic - Step By Step Guide for PLC Programming Learning

Learn Free  PLC Programming PLC Programming is a very crucial task in the field of automation BUT if the learning is done step by step and in a good approach then PLC Programming becomes a very exciting task. To start Learning PLC Programming first of all one should have a little knowledge about the types of PLC available in the market like Allen Bradley, Omron, Siemens, Mitsubushi and Delta etc. There is one saying that “if you can program one PLC you can Program all" and it’s very true.

Once you master one PLC, then the Logic is same for each PLC, only the symbols, I/O addressing, Instruction name changes which one need a little time to understand. So try to Learn the PLC Programming of one PLC at a time, go for the very basics instruction like MOV, ADD, INC , DEC etc and make program yourself, just make any small program which your's Brain says.

Play with PLC more and more, understand the I/O addressing scheme of PLC, also try to understand the field wiring at the same time. Use timers, counters in program, learn their syntax. First, if you master the basic instruction then go ahead, remember “if you master the basic programming then you can make any PLC program".

If you think widely then you will find that a PLC program is just an advanced version of what we call a Relay Logic, hardware timers &counters. So make yourself perfect in these and then go ahead. To learn PLC Programming the very basic step is to learn the connection of Input devices to PLC, learn how to make Source - Sink Logic in PLC, how to connect Push-Button, Selector Switch, different types of sensors to PLC input.

After this learn connection of output devices to PLC like solenoid valve connection, Lamp, Relay etc. Always remember one thing that "A good PLC programmer is one who can do the field wiring correctly", so learn the each and every aspect of I/O connection. Once you master the digital I/O connection then come to analog part, try connecting analog inputs like voltage/current input to PLC and try to give analog command signal to any output device which runs from analog signal.

Just move step by step and master everything which you learns but as we always says "Basics need to be very strong. "Don’t just try to master the PLC programming in one single day. Move step by step and one day you will be a very good PLC Programmer.

Wishing all automation aspirants all the best.

With you always------------------------------------------------ Automation – Talk

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