Jan 17, 2011

Different Scripts Used in Intouch SCADA

Intouch is SCADA software from Wonderware and is a very well known name in Industrial automation field. Intouch provide a very good working environment to its user. Wonderware Intouch has lots of features in it and today we will discuss on of them. In this article we will tell you about the Scripts used in Intouch SCADA software. And will tell a brief about them. Will also tell how to use Intouch SCADA scripts. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Different Types of Scripts Used In Intouch SCADA

The scripting language that is used in Wonderware Intouch is called QuickScript and allow to execute commands and logical operations based on specified logic being met. Total number of Scripts in Intouch is 8. And SCADA Application developer can use them at the different level.

1. Application Script:- These Scripts are linked to the entire SCADA application.

2. Window Script:- These Scripts are linked to the only specific window of Application or it is only applicable to particular SCADA screen.

3. Key Script:- These Scripts linked to a specific key or key combination on the keyboard. So you can make any Combination from your keyboard to operate in SCADA.

4. Touch Action Script:- These Scripts are associated with an object linked to a Touch Link, Touch Push button, Action animation link etc.

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5. Data Change Script:- These Scripts linked to a tag name or tag name field only.

6. Condition Script:- These Scripts are linked to a discrete tag name or expression.

7. ActiveX Event Script:- These Scripts are those that execute ActiveX control events in Runtime.

8. Quick Functions Script:- These Scripts are user made scripts and can be called from other InTouch QuickScripts or animation link expressions. QuickFunctions can be either synchronous or asynchronous, while all other script types are synchronous only.

Hope you like our tutorial on SCADA scripts of Intouch. Fore more scripts of SCADA like Rsview32 Scripts, Cx-Supervisor Scripts please Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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