Jan 14, 2011

Know What Is Wireless SCADA

First of all we should know what is SCADA. SCADA stands for supervisory control and date acquisition and as the name suggest it acquire data from field devices like sensors, RTU's and show this data in computer screen. If anything is happening without any wire then it is called Wireless. Like our Mobile phones. Now what if our SCADA system can get the values without actually connecting, then it will become a Wireless SCADA in simple terms. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email .

Need of Wireless SCADA ?

You might be thinking that what is the need of Wireless SCADA, so i will let you know that wireless SCADA is generally needed where the RTU units are very far and cost of laying the cable is very expensive and time Consuming. Some industries where Wireless SCADA is very Effective are oil and Gas or Water treatment plants or where Scada is required for Sewage treatment or waste water plant.

Working of Wireless SCADA

Wireless SCADA can work easily with wireless radio links which may be licensed or unlicensed, Cellular link like sending SMS to SCADA system and getting reply from SCADA system through SMS and even it can also be done through Satellite communication. Except Radio communication all are fast and has wide coverage area.

Structure of Wireless SCADA

Image Source: scadalink.com

A typical wireless SCADA architecture is Point to Multipoint system where SCADA system becomes master and polls other PLC and RTU units to get the information. Each RTU and PLC is given a specific address which is polled from the Wireless SCADA to acquire the information.
A Point to Multipoint wireless SCADA structure is Shown above.

For wireless SCADA we also have now intelligent MODEMS which allow you to Send SMS at particular condition and also you can get the value on SMS through them. We can use this Special Intelligent Modem for Wireless SCADA.For more information on Wireless SCADA, Remote RTU, Intelligent MODEM Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email .

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