Jan 13, 2011

How to Create Username in SCADA-CX Supervisor

We have lots of SCADA software in the market like Siemens Wincc SCADA, Intouch wonderware SCADA, Omron-CX Supervisor, Realflex SCADA, Rsview32 SCADA from Rockwell Automation etc. And in all SCADA features we have feature of Login and Log-out. While building or Generating your SCADA application you can restrict the user of SCADA in your level by setting some user-name and password in SCADA application. Suppose you client don't want that his operator should be allowed to logout some application or need to some special permission from the Supervisor to operate some specific function from SCADA, then this Username and Password in SCADA can really become a very goo features. And in lot of Industry it is used in different level like Operator, Supervisor, manager, Engineer, or even Designer of the Application.
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In this article we will only learn how to create a User name and password and for this purpose we are using Omron CX supervisor this time so you will learn how to create user name in Omron SCADA- CX-supervisor.

Steps to create Username in SCADA

1.Open your CX- Supervisor and create a new project for our reference we have created a project called Automation-Talk-info.

2.Now go to Project tab and then to Runtime Security and then click on Configured Users (See the image ).

3. Now you will see the window where all user name and password are present. now just click on add button.

4.Now you will see User Attribute(see image).
Now fill full name of the person you are creating the user name, login name, password and Security Level which is very important.

5. You can set security level according to the designation or work of the employee in company. After that store the password and close the window.

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