Jan 14, 2011

How To Install USB Dongle For Omron SCADA

CX Supervisor is the SCADA from Omron which is Enable or work only when has a security key which is in the form of a USB dongle. Though New version of CX- Supervisor SCADA allows to test a PLC for 1 hour. Thus without connecting a dongle you can work for 1 hour with the trial Version. Sometimes it may happen that the USB SCADA key or Dongle does not install automatically, so you have to install it by your own. This article will tell you How to install USB dongle in CX- Supervisor SCADA software. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

How To Install USB Dongle For Omron SCADA

To install USB dongle you just need to put the Dongle in USB port and wait for few seconds. If the USB dongle is Automatically installed then it is good, otherwise follow below procedure.

1.Go to your Window Start Up and All programs.

2.And then go to Omron and then to CX-Supervisor and click on USB dongle Installer.

3. On click , it will start locating the Dongle. Sometimes it may be possible that you have to locate it.

4. After installing the Driver it will show you the Message that operation has successfully Completed.

That is all. Now you will be able to communicate your Omron CX-Supervisor SCADA easily.Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

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