Jan 14, 2011

Communicate Omron NP Designer In Window Vista and Window 7

Few day's ago i was reading a PLC forum and found that many Omron user having problem in Communicating Omron NP Designer software in Window Vista and Window 7. They says that there program is working fine as they are able to make there HMI application very well but when they try to communicate it with the NP series HMI, the program is not Uploading and nor Downloading. So to help the Omron user i am writing this article on How to Communicate Omron NP designer Software in Window 7 and Vista. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Communicate Omron NP Designer In Window Vista and Window 7

Actually when you are trying to communicate your NP designer Software with the NP series HMI (Human Machine Interface)then the cable you use i.e the USB cable try to find the HMI driver for communication and when it don't find it, it cannot communicate. So as you must be having a old version of software so you need to have the NP series HMI Window 7 and Vista driver for communication between NP designer and NP series HMI.

How to Get Omron NP Designer Driver for Window 7 and Vista

You must be thinking how to get the NP designer driver for Vista and window 7. You can get the HMI driver very easily from My Omron site. Just follow below procedure to get the driver.

1.Go to myomron.com you may have to register in the site which is very simple to do.
2.Now after registration go to Download section and then to .Products.
3.When you are in Product you will see a Software Section, Click it.
4.In Software Section you will see USB Driver, click on it.
5. Now in USB driver you will see PLC_NS, click on it.
6.There you will see drivers of NP designer USB cable, select your version and install it in your Operation system.
Omron NP Designer USB Driver

Now to quickly summarize it you can follow the below path.
/downloads/4.Products/Software/USB drivers/PLC_NS/

Hope this tutorial has helped you in Communicating your NP series HMI in Window 7 and vista. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email for more such tutorial on HMI Communication.
Please leave comment for your feedback and any problem in communication of Omron NP series HMI

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  1. ooh great post ...i was having much trouble in communicating with NP hmi with my windows 7.
    thanks Automation talk

  2. i hv done this but still m not able to communicate with np hmi with my windows 7 32 bit operating system.
    After installing these driver m gettin following error.
    Reinstall driver for this device(code 18)

  3. @Paresh i will suggest you that you should use a Pen drive if it is not working.

  4. what do you by using pendrive #FYP?? because I have same problem like that guys.. =(


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