Dec 18, 2010

CP1H Omron PLC User Manual / CPU Unit Programming Manual

CP1H range of PLC by Omron is a compact PLC containing the features of Modular PLC. It is designed for compact machines , where it can be installed to save space and also providing the latest features and functions of Modular PLC. It comes with 4 high speed counter inputs , which can also be used to connect encoder and it also have four pulse type outputs each at 100khz.
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Cp1H-XA unit has built-in analog I/O's.
It has built in 4 analog input and 2 analog output.
It has also the PLC's advanced PID control function with auto-tuning. The best part is that it supports the CJ1 expansion units , so you can connect the position card , Ethernet unit etc which are supported by CJ1 modular PLC. Also it has USB port so it can be easily Programmed with commercially available USB cable. This PLC also supports the all modern Instructions for Programming.

CP1H Brochure :- Click here to Download.

CP1H CPU Unit operation Manual :- Click here to Download.

CP1H Data Sheet :- Click Here to Download.
Source :- Omron UK.
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