Jun 18, 2010

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Human Machine Interface or commonly called HMI are very useful device which connect a machine with human as its name indicate. We have many types of HMI in Automation industry.And they also come in Different size and type.Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email. Some of the main HMI provider or companies are:
1.Allen Bradly
2. Siemens
etc etc.
So we have a very long list of HMI Provider. Every company which manufacture PLC has its own HMI as Omron HMI are NT11,NT21,NP series like that.

HMI Programming
Programming a HMI is quite simple you just have to select the model of your HMI in HMI software and mode of Communication.Also some time you will have to change baud Rate, Parity Etc.
Just write in a piece of paper or in your mind what and how many screens you want to make and what data registers or PLC points you will choose.
Soon i will post some HMI tutorials so that you can understand better.

Most Common HMI these days are Color HMI's which are Touch screen and easily interface with the PLC.

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