Oct 20, 2015

Keyence CZ-V20 Series RGB Digital Fibreoptic Sensors

Hey fellows, you would be happy to know that Keyence has come up with smartest RGB sensor in automation industry. This series of smart sensors is called CZ-V20 Series. If you are having color sensing problem with your current sensor, then you should check features of this sensor as well, may be it's time to change your color sensor. Subscribe to Automation-Talk by Email.

Keyence CZ-V20 Series RGB Digital Fibreoptic Sensors

First we would like you to answer below questions.

1- Does you color sensor fail to sense Black/white object?
2- Fed up with malfunctioning of color sensor on wavy surfaces like conveyors?
3- Problem in detection of color on glossy surface?
4- Sensor breakage due to lower mounting height?
5- Finding it difficult to teach your color sensor?
6- Is your sensor limited to sense only 2 to 4 colors?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, then you should check this revolutionary product from Keyence. They have come up with a revolutionary hybrid technology with their all new CZ Series RGB Colour sensors.

Features of CZ Series RGB Colour sensors


1. Luster Detection and Transparent Target Detection- NEW
This is new feature and has new amplifier for the CZ-H72 luster detection sensor head. Stable luster detection unaffected by target color.

2. FILM mode for detecting presence/absence of films.

3. Response frequency 200┬Ás.

4. One unit can detect 4 different glossy levels.

5. Extremely high power.

6. Extra ordinary sensing range of 90mm.

CZ series has 3 models viz. CZ-H32, CZ-H35S and CZ-H37S with different detecting area, Smallest spot diameter etc. These color sensors are very light and just weight approx 40g to 45g.

These sensors can easily differentiates colors flawlessly, even if surface is glossy or uneven. Just one press of a button, you can teach 8 different colors to this sensor. With ‘Super i’ mode, this sensor can also sense black and white colors.

Applications of CZ Series RGB Colour sensors

These sensors can be widely used in different application such as detecting marks on bags printed with multiple colours, differentiation between the front and back sides of chips after being sealed in embossed tape, detecting the presence/absence of grease, detecting the seam on a spray can, detecting a mark on a tube, checking parts assembly, detecting improperly positioned labels, detecting caps of different colours etc.

If you are interested, do check its product catalog, which can be downloaded from https://www.keyence.co.in/201510cz

Do let us know what are your thoughts about these color sensor and will you be interested to use them or take demo. Do subscribe to our newsletter for more such industry news and products update.

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